Top 8 Best Bitcoin Affiliate Programs to Make Money in 2022

The affiliate marketing industry experts say, the greater the risk the greater the chances of making more. It won’t be hard to digest if we say Bitcoin programs for affiliates are the highest rewarding among all. 

Though the unpredictability of cryptocurrency is the only constant here the game of risk starts now!

With the rank of leading half of the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin ranks as the number one currency for earning passive income, globally. 

Since millions of people have shifted towards trading via cryptocurrency, the time has come to brace yourself for affiliating with the biggest affiliate programs. 

Let’s dig in to find which bitcoin affiliate program is turning your hundreds into thousands within a wink of an eye and why you need to get started with them.


Affiliate Commissions Rate: You can earn up to 70%, depending upon the trading investment or outcome of your referral’s pay. 


What this Bitcoin Affiliate Program holds for affiliates?

This program has been established back in 2018. Ever since, they have been growing exponentially by facilitating their clients with an accessible, safe, and advanced reading environment. They serve on different digital assets like Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Affiliates can attain the advantage of serving their client tree which has spread its branches in 150+ countries to turn all odds in their favor. Moreover, they also facilitate clients with access to modern trading tools with the provision of security to-tier liquidity. 


Affiliate Commissions Ratio: As an affiliate, you can make 10% of any subscription taken on a routine basis.


What do they offer their affiliates?

TokenTax is a crypto tax accountancy business. Simultaneously, it is also a crypto tax platform. Crypto market participants may evaluate their bitcoin taxes, compile financial records automatically. In addition to that, they can also attain the return of their CPA file to make the most out of it. 


Affiliate Commissions Program:

  • Paxful will allow you to get half of the commission from the escrow fee. As soon as your referral buys a bitcoin through them (Tier 1)
  • On the other side, you can earn 10% out of the escrow fee only if your friend’s affiliate purchases Bitcoin via Paxful ( Tier 2 – affiliates)


How do they attract affiliates? 

With a strong affiliation with Paxful, you can empower and aspire other traders to get into the indefinite profit-making field of trading and investing. Through the financial freedom, they bless their affiliates with, one can easily eliminate middlemen. Conversely, attain the authentic guidance and resources to lead thor path upwards and onwards. 


Affiliate Commissions Rate:   10%. Attain commissions on proceeding cases that are negotiated with respect to your account rep. as 1st Tier. 

Similarly, 10 % for 2nd Tier.


Why should you affiliate with AvaTrade?

Since 2006, AvaTrade has led the trading industry by becoming the pioneer in online trading. With the intention of optimizing the online service for active traders, the company was formed by a team of investment advisors and web-commerce gurus.

AvaTrade has expanded dramatically within only a few seasons, including over 20,000 registered global users. Whereas over 2 million transactions are accordingly made, monthly. The company’s overall monthly trading volume ratio exceeds $60 billion


Affiliate Commissions: One can earn up to 50 percent out of the origination fee of Bitcoin.


What you can avail as an affiliate?

Bitbond’s growing international affiliate program provides a bigger commission on referrals purchase as well as add extra commissions on lender’s trading activities.  Affiliates may make a lot of money with one of the most lucrative Bitcoin affiliate programs because of the high value of the origination fee. To learn more about their affiliate programs and get a subscription. Please browse their site. 



Affiliate Commissions Program: affiliates can earn up to 20 percent of the total trading fees.


How can you make hundreds into thousands, as an affiliate? 

The fastest, accessible, and easy resource for increasing your passive income is to affiliate with Coindirect. With their international countries affiliation plans, you can reap in to attain international clients and attain higher commission on their every trade. 

Do you know?

This offer has a lifetime validity!


Affiliate Commissions Rate: On the completion of each order, one can attain 25% of the commission. 


What’s hidden for affiliates? 

The driving and dragging energy behind the stabilization of crypto trading that is too automated is HaasOnline. They are renowned for the creation of crypto-based products, trading software, and policies that are effective to be utilized for leading the trading industry. 


Affiliate Commissions Percentage:  Earn up to a total of 25%


What’s in the bag for affiliates?

They facilitate users with a wide and secure range of trading with cryptocurrency operations, efficacious. Their virtual exchange plan allows the traders and investors vast withdrawal options inclusive of a complete trade tooling system.

What matters the most is they cannot be considered under the banner of purchasing or selling currencies. Rather they take 0.2% from each transaction for the provision of a safe trading environment for their respected clients.



7 Best Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs of 2022

Though the world of crypto is volatile and highly unpredictable, experts and big brains will find it exciting and an active opportunity for passive income. Hence your chance of getting bigger profits with mere clicks is secured due to the increased demand of the trading industry among the investors and big business tycoons. 

As far as other affiliate programs are considered, cryptocurrency affiliate programs pay the greatest commission rates and conversion rates to their affiliates, comparatively. 

Having said that, with every passing year the world is transferring towards digital currency trading by making it the new normal. Especially for the 21st century. The trading experience comes with tons of promises, utility degrees, and specialties to excel in the trading industry. 

Without a single doubt, the cryptocurrency market earns an average of $1.3 Trillion. Yes we know, it is succeeding the risky race of trading with flying colors. 

Though several investors are found themselves questioning which cryptocurrency will perform as the workhorse. 

To unpuzzle this intense mystery of digital trading, here are some best cryptocurrency affiliate programs that get along and earn the most out of it.  

1- Binance

2- Bybit 


4- Ledger

5- 3Commas

6- Coinbase

7- Coin mama Referral Program

Pro tip: In the world of the stock market only invest if you are prepared to lose as even the golden coin can turn out to be unprofitable! 


Binance ranks number one in the list of top crypto affiliate programs. It offers clients the global exchange of crypto. It offers higher commissions on each user trade transactions to affiliates are facilitated with nothing but the 

bestest experience of affiliation with Binance. 

  • Commission rate: lies between 20 to 40%
  • Payout Frequency: the real-time
  • Payout: cryptocurrencies which are multiple 
  • Payout: usage of Binance wallet to send payouts

2- Bybit

Bybit gained the most popularity in 2019 where the derivative exchange of crypto facilitated clients with exceptional trading offers. With the lifetime commission span, they have made it easier for affiliates to promote their projects.

Do you know?

They offer $90 bonus to make the product promotion easier for affiliates. 

  • Commission rate: upto 30 to 50%
  • Payout Frequency: one at a time in a day
  • Payout currencies: BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, EOS
  • Payout: you will get it in your bybit wallet for affiliates


They lie in the list of A-rated trustworthy affiliate programs for crypto. Based in USA, is a top-notch registered trade exchange company. Serving the trading uindustry for more than half a decade now, they facilitate affiliate referrals with feasible usage, mobile app boats, and solid commission fees. Hence giving you multiple reasons t join hands with

  • Commission rate: up to 30% on each referral usage
  • Payout Frequency: after the completion of a month, one will one time in a day
  • Payout currency option: USD
  • Payout: the payout amount will be directly added to the CEX wallet


4- Ledger

Legder comes under the category of direct affiliate crypto programs. They offer hardware wallets for crypto trading which can also be brought under usage via Their in-house paying system transacts in BTC whereas through Awn you can avail it in Euro or USD. choose what’s better for you!

  • Commission rate: 10% per sale
  • Payout Frequency: an average threshold percentage revolving around 50%
  • Payout in method: either in US dollars or BTC
  • Payout: there are two options; either a wire transfer through Awin or in your BTC wallet

 5- 3Commas

This program allows the masters of trading business to either cash out their commission earnings or save them in the wallet. The saved amount is utilized for future purchases on 3Commas. Ultimately, 3Commas is your go-to crypto bot. 

  • Commission rate: earn upto 30%
  • Payout Frequency: total threshold around $50 
  • Payout in currency: USDT

6- Coinbase

They offer you an affiliate program along with a referral program. This reputable and highly recognized cryptocurrency world allows you to attain ten dollars worth of BTC depending upon the number of referred people. Though they must dep[osit $100 to match the level.

  • Commission rate: earn 50% of your referral’s trading charges and enjoy the initial 3 months
  • Payout Frequency: estimated threshold around $50 
  • Payout in currency: US Dollars
  • Payout method: with the help of the Wire transfer method
  • Payout option: it will be transferred into ERC20 wallet of cryptocurrency 

7- Coinmama Referral Program

Comma referral programs allow users to instantly make the wisest decision of buying or selling cryptocurrency. This Isreal based BTC space facilitates you with an in-house program for affiliates where one can enjoy the perks of getting a commission timespan for a lifetime. 

  • Commission rate: up to 15% on each commission exchange
  • Payout Frequency: not known
  • Payout in currency option: USD
  • Payout method: through the digital currency transference method i.e.  Wire transfer