As a business owner, it goes without saying that you want to grow your brand and increase sales, but sometimes achieving this on your own is tougher than you expect. This is why you need a team of enthusiastic marketers behind you, to propel your business to the level you dream of. A-Traffic is the partner you need. As a A-Traffic advertiser, you instantly gain access to the cumulative performance marketing power of our network with thousands of innovative and dynamic publishers and publishers. With A-Traffic, your products and services can reach more markets, faster than ever before. Best of all, because it’s all performance-based, you only pay for what you get, which results in phenomenal ROI.

At A-Traffic, you’re more than just a client, but a valued partner. We understand that the more you succeed, the more we do too, this is why we place so much emphasis on collaboration. Even though we have a suite of ingenious tools and technology at your disposal, it’s our commitment to working together and our unprecedented levels of service that have ensured our advertisers always achieve so much more.

At A-Traffic, we put the PERFORMANCE, in Performance Marketing!

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Diverse Performance Marketers

Our huge network of professional publishers and publishers, who work in hundreds of niches and verticals ensures that we have the right resources for your brand, services, and products. These marketing gurus can extract valuable, high-quality leads in many innovative ways.

Cutting Edge Management Portal

Our affiliate platform is loaded with user-friendly features. You can have full confidence that every impression, click, and conversion is tracked accurately. The built-in reporting and business intelligence tools ensure you can track, optimize and make decisions with pin-point precision.


Our proprietary Smartlink technology not only streamlines the marketing for our publishers and publishers, but it ensures your optimal offers are dynamically presented to viewers based on a host of criteria. These targeted messages result in excellent conversion rate and ROI.

Fraud Detection & Prevention

In our digital world, it’s vital to filter out the “bad apples”. The A-Traffic fraud technology helps prevent dubious traffic, to ensure you end up with the best customers and protect your business and marketing budget. With A-Traffic, you can be confident that we’ve got your back!

Global Reach

The A-Traffic network gives you the ability to reach new markets faster than ever. Our marketers are always hungry for new offers in different languages so that they can monetize their traffic even more. It really is a win-win for everyone. Take your business further than ever before.

Superb Campaign Managers

Your dedicated campaign manager works closely with you to get the maximum impact and results. From marketing creatives to funnel optimization, your campaign manager is at your disposal to assist and support you and make sure your campaigns deliver fantastic ROI.