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“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”
Henry Ford

About us - Atraffic.com


Atraffic started its humble beginnings in 2012 by a small team of affiliate performance marketers focused on a few select niches. Despite their success, they noticed many gaps in the performance marketing world, especially when it came to technology and services. The Atraffic team set about building their own proprietary technology that would accelerate and elevate their campaigns. From there, they realized that they could use their skills, technology, knowledge, and experience to build a performance marketing network that would meet the needs of results-driven marketers and advertisers.


The goal was simple; build an affiliate network that is technology and partnership-driven which is bolstered by extraordinary service. With a focus on building mutually beneficial and genuine relationships with partners, Atraffic very quickly gained momentum, and advertisers and affiliates alike flocked to join. The emphasis on quality, reliability, dependability, and support, remains to this day the foundation of success for Atraffic.

Affiliates & Publishers

Massive Range of Niches and Offers
Industry-leading commissions
Automated campaign optimization
Feature-packed affiliate tracking platform
High-quality marketing content
On-time payments
Responsive and professional support
Fraud protection
Highly experienced affiliate managers
Real partnerships
And much more…


Sell your products and services internationally
Build a global brand
Precision targeting tools
High-quality leads
Tailored and targeted campaigns
Fraud detection and prevention technology
Outstanding ROI
Powerful tracking, reporting, and analytics
Flexible API for integration into existing apps
Dedicated account managers
Plus more…


Whether you’re an affiliate, publisher, or advertiser,Atraffic is all about creating value for everyone.