Health And Wellness Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is without a doubt one of the best methods to make money online, whether you’re new to blogging or a seasoned veteran.

The health and wellness business is expanding, with a market capitalization of $4.5 trillion. It is also still expanding, with no indications of stopping down. So, if you’ve been thinking about creating a health and wellness blog, now might be the greatest time to do it!

It needs a relatively small initial commitment, but the profits might be substantial. It does, however, take perseverance, hard effort, and time.

Affiliate marketing can be an excellent source of passive revenue for bloggers in the health area. Health and wellness items are always in demand, making them a profitable choice for bloggers and affiliate marketers.

So, if you’ve been seeking affiliate programs in the health and wellness industry, go no further.

Healthy Wage

Healthy Wage is a weight loss challenge brand that specializes in health and wellness.

Their website essentially lets you wager on how much weight you will lose over a specific period. You will be compensated if you lose weight and win the wager! They also host weight-loss competitions.

Healthy Wage pays a fixed price of $50 for each referral, unlike other affiliate programs that pay a percentage of the sale.


Fitbit is one of the world’s most well-known and well-respected health and wellness companies. They’re known for their high-end fitness trackers, cordless scales, and heart rate monitors.

Fitbit is a great brand for bloggers to promote because it is a well-known brand that appeals to a wide range of individuals. They also have a solid online presence that has earned them the trust of their target audience.

They pay a baseline commission of 3%, but additional commissions are available to affiliates who achieve higher sales volumes.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is one of the most well-known and well-known affiliate marketing programs available.

That’s because most customers already shop on Amazon and know they can trust them. Because of the large number of products available, you should be able to find whatever products you want to recommend to your audience on Amazon.

Depending on the product category you’re promoting, their commission rates range from 1% to 10%. Sporting goods typically pay a fee of around 3%, while most other health and wellness products pay a commission of around 4%.

In addition, any other purchases in their basket within those 24 hours will earn you a commission, which might be a nice bonus!

Physicians Choice

Physicians Choice is a top-rated health and wellness affiliate program. Because they have over 500 goods, their brand ambassador program is ideal for bloggers.

They offer a diverse range of products, including:

  •         Supplements
  •         Beauty products
  •         Vitamins
  •         Probiotics
  •         And other health products

They have a long cookie term and a generous commission rate of 25% on every sale. Affiliates will be rewarded whenever they reach the $100 mark or once every 30 days.


Plus CBD

Plus, CBD is a well-known brand of CBD oil. They specialize in CBD-based goods, such as CBD oil generated from hemp.

Drops, gummies, oils, balms, sprays, roll-ons, and other CBD products are available, as well as oils, gummies, balms, sprays, drops, and more.

Furthermore, CBD offers a good affiliate program with a 90-day cookie period. Also, you get a 15 percent commission, making it a suitable choice for health and wellness bloggers.

Even if this affiliate program isn’t for you, their affiliate program is hosted by Shareasale, which is known to be a great affiliate network to join as a blogger.

Nutri Profits

Nutri Profits is a health and wellness affiliate scheme that enables bloggers to monetize their sites by placing product advertisements on them.

You can promote a wide selection of health-related products from them, including:

  •         Shakes and protein bars
  •         Weight loss supplements
  •         Creams, lotions, lenses, and so on.

Nutri Profits offers a lifetime cookie, which sets them apart from most other health and wellness affiliate programs. This means that if a customer joins your affiliate program and purchases a product through your link, you will receive a 40% commission on their first transaction and 20% on any subsequent orders.

Nutri Profits’ products can be advertised and sold in over 100 countries, so you can make money no matter where you are in the world.

Thrive Market

Thrive Market is an exclusive online grocery store for members that focuses on healthy, natural foods.

They specialize in non-GMO, gluten-free, organic, and vegan meals and healthy items, which they sell at a discount of 25 to 50 percent off retail. This makes them an excellent alternative for bloggers who are passionate about natural foods.

When you buy an annual or monthly membership to Thrive Market through an affiliate link, you receive a commission.



8 Best Photography Affiliate Programs For Monetize Your Blog or Website 

Welcome Photographers. We have been researching and comparing various affiliate programs and have selected the 8 best photography programs you should join. Our researched affiliate programs are absolutely perfect for photography websites or blog owners. Affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize your website or blog and increase your monthly income. So here are some of the top best photography affiliate programs to check out.

8 Best Photography Affiliate Programs 

  • Samy’s 

Samy’s is a popular camera and video instruments store mainly focused on Hollywood celebrities and experienced photographers. This store is based in California Since 1976. Their products are perfect for both professional and beginners photographer. They have a wide customer base due to its knowledgeable staff members and impressive customer service. 

Their main products include camera, photographic, and video equipment manufacturers. The product’s price is up to $500, which means you can make high commissions. Besides, their affiliate program is run by ShareASale. As an affiliate, you will access marketing tools like banners, reporting, and more.

  • Commission: up to 4%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • KEH Camera

KEH is another world’s biggest pre-owned camera and photography tools online store. They include a wide variety of pre-owned cameras and gear with an average price of $375. They also allow affiliates to promote their pre-owned camera gear with their customers. In addition, affiliates can display their Sell program where photographers can sell their tools KEH camera for resale. 

Moreover, their affiliate program is managed by ShareASale. They also provide affiliates full access to all instruments they require to promote their products and bring more sales.

  • Commission: up to 4% on all sales
  • Cookie Duration: 15 days
  • B&H 

B&H is the world’s biggest Superstore in the United States. It gets more than 5,000 visitors per day and above 10 million visitors each month on its store. As a result, its affiliate partners have the chance of a better commission percentage based on performance. Their affiliates can make up to 8% commission on a wide range of over 3,000 products from brands such as Sound Device, Bose, and more. 

Additionally, B&H uses its own affiliate program and provides a minimum Payout of $79 so; affiliates can get paid more times. Being an affiliate, you will access tracking tools, links, and the latest deals. 

  • Commission: 2% per sale and 8% on a list of more than 3,000 items
  • Cookie Duration: 60 hours
  • KelbyOne 

KelbyOne is another Photography based affiliate program. They are one of the quickest comprehension online courses sites for photographers. They include more than 49 learning tracks and 700+ online tutorials. Besides, their collaboration with brands like Apple, B&H, and more than 46 other businesses permits them to give special deals to their customers. 

Moreover, KelbyOne drives more than 60,000 viewers each month. They have a conversion rate of 3.2%. Their affiliate program is managed via ShareASale and offers affiliates eye-catching banners, tracking tools, and more. 

  • Commission: 20% 
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days


  • Digital Photography School 

Digital Photography is one of the best, longest-running, and most credible photography websites on the web. This was initially introduced by a professional photographer who aimed at helping people get the most out of their profession and their tools. 

This is absolutely free to join; you can get a huge amount of information from their site. Moreover, Digital Photography School sells a wide selection of ebooks, tutorials, and presets. As an affiliate, you can make a reasonable commission rate of 40% per sale.

  • Commission: 40% 
  • Cookie Duration: N/Ax 

PHLEARN is managed by a group of creative people who aim to make the world of photographers better. They also want to improve the education of photographers. So, PHLEARN’s courses emphasize the ins and outs of photo editing, lightroom, and more. Both these programs are the most popular and thorough in the photography field. Therefore, they are very important to learn. 

Furthermore, PHLEARN’s affiliate program is based on a subscription basis. They offer members access to all the content and necessary tools. As an affiliate, you will get a 20% commission per new subscriber you refer. 

  • Commission: 20% 
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown
  • Moment 

The Moment is another well-known company that sells a wide variety of video and photo editing equipment. They also include home and office equipment such as lights and cables. Besides, they sell so many photography courses and even infrequent photography trips. 

In addition, Moment’s items extend the complete breadth of the photography industry; a common camera can be purchased for around $30. Besides, they also sell products pricing hundreds of dollars. 

  • Commission: 6%-15% on camera gear, up to 10% on courses, and up to $100 on trips
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Skylum Software 

Skylum is known for making strong and quality photography tools that available for all photographers of all levels. They include a wide range of products like Aurora HDR, Luminar 3, and few others. 

  • Commission: 20% to 50% 
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days

Top 7 Best eCommerce Affiliate Programs of 2022 

Online shopping is a very easy and convenient way to buy products and have shipped them straight to your home. Nowadays, E-commerce networks have to make an internet-based store quick and simple. This means anyone can make an online store and start selling products. So, here we have put together the 7 best E-commerce affiliate programs. You can join any of these: 

E-commerce Affiliate Programs

  • Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify is now the world’s most popular affiliate program, started 10 years ago. They instantly realized that other online stores might advantage of a hassle-free network to make their internet e-business. Currently, more than 600,000 online Shopify Stored have generated over $54 billion in sales. They provide good rates and plans for all kinds of requirements. 

Shopify’s affiliate program can be joined by bloggers, businessmen, social media Mavens, and anyone can join them. As an affiliate marketer of Shopify, you will access a wide selection of linking tools, a unique affiliate link, tracking tools, and banners. 

  • Commission: 200% bounty and 100% on enterprise plans 
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Clarks E-commerce affiliate program

Clark e-commerce is a well-known shoe-making brand that allows you to make massive amounts by selling its products. So, suppose you are a website owner with incredible readers on it. In that case, you can comfortably make money by promoting their products. Customers will buy the products, and you as an affiliate will earn the commissions. 

As an affiliate, you will not need to work hard because it is a very popular company across the globe. This means when the launch of new posts happens, customers get mad about buying them. Additionally, you can access their eye-catching banners to attract more visitors. 

  • Commission: 7% 
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown
  • BigCommerce 

BigCommerce is another great e-commerce affiliate program that helps people to build an online store. People can enjoy various e-commerce experiences and brighten their future with this affiliate program. In addition, BigCommerce allows affiliates to sell products on commercial centers such as Amazon, eBay, and more. This program also includes boundless commissions with minimum commitments. 

Furthermore, BigCommerce’s committed subordinate professionals will help you achieve your business goals. They will also help you with eye-catching advertising materials and tools to help you with changing with more sales. 

  • Commission: up to 200% of the customer’s first-month sale and up to $1500 on the company’s customer
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Zenfolio Affiliate Program 

Zenfolio helps you to set up your personal online photography. As a photographer, you can make a professional portable developed website without planning it yourself. Besides, through its affiliate program, you can make high commissions directly and preliminary paid plans. 

Moreover, this program just focuses on photographers’ requirements to help them achieve extremely high conversion rates. Being an affiliate, you can also generate more revenue by using their advanced advertising instruments. 

  • Commission: 30%
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days


  • Oriflame 

Oriflame is one of the most popular Sweden-based perfumes, accessories, and cosmetic-making companies. This company is ranked among the world’s 5 best cosmetic companies. The entire sales department of this company is managed by the e-commerce affiliate program. This affiliate program is a 2 tier program. Therefore, you can make more and more money by registering affiliates to Oriflame. 

In addition, your commissions will go higher on every new referral. This is a very straightforward process to drive traffic to Oriflame as it is a well-known and most reliable brand for its incredible and chemical-free products. 

  • Commission: 20% 
  • Volusion 

Volusion is another popular website that allows you to build your own e-commerce store. This site was founded in 1999 by a famous website developer named “Kevin Sproles.” It aims to provide a shopping cart designing system to those users who are looking to make their online web store.

Additionally, its affiliate program is a rich commission for its affiliate partners. Therefore, as an affiliate, you can make incredible commissions on this affiliate. 

  • Commission: up to 200% 
  • Blue Apron 

Blue Apron is a well-known restaurant name and is highly reputable all over the world. It is based in the United States and very popular due to its taste and hygienic food. Blue Apron offers high-quality and delicious food dishes. Their items come with a mixture of spices, sauces, and multi-cooking techniques, so they’re rich in taste. 

Moreover, you can also join their business to promote their items to make commissions. Their affiliate program offers impressive commissions to their affiliate partners. They provide complete training and advanced marketing tools to their affiliates. Nowadays, attracting people to food has become very straightforward because remarkably huge money is spent to convince the taste buds each day. As an affiliate, you can make high commissions by bringing the referral to BlueApron. 

  • Commission: 15% 

Top 8 Best Health Products Affiliate Programs To Promote In 2022

This post will explain some of the best health products affiliate programs for website owners, bloggers, influencers, and anyone else with good traffic online. 

The health market is rapidly growing around the globe and is currently worth an enormous 4.5 trillion dollars. And it’s still booming, too, with no signs of slowing down. 

So, if you are running a health blog or website, you can make good commissions through affiliate marketing. Since health products are always in high demand, enabling them a perfect option for website owners. 

So, here are the best health products affiliate programs you can join today. 

Best Health Products Affiliate Program 

  • Fitbit Affiliate Program

Fitbit is the world’s largest and leading health brand specializing in top-of-the-range fitness trackers, wireless scales, and heartbeat sensors. This is an outstanding health company for bloggers to promote due to its reliable household name. Besides, Fitbit also includes a powerful web presence, which has developed trust with its target customers. 

Fitbit’s affiliate program offers a 3% commission as standard. Although, it gives higher commission to affiliates who get massive volumes of sales. 

  • Commission: 3% 
  • Cookie Duration: 14-days
  • EPC: $43.30 
  • Healthy Wage Affiliate Program

Healthy Wage is another popular health products affiliate program that assists in weight loss challenges.  They permit people to bet on how much weight they will lose in a given period. If someone can lose the weight according to the requirement wins the bet, he will be paid. Healthy Wage also includes run weight loss challenges. 

Its affiliate program will pay you a flat fee of $50 per referral instead of commission per sale. 

  • Commission: $50 for Healthy Wager and $30 for team bet
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

There is no doubt that Amazon Associates is one of the biggest and most famous affiliate programs worldwide. They include a wide variety of products. So no matter what items you like to suggest to your customers, you will get them on Amazon. 

Amazon’s affiliate program has different commission rates ranging from 1%-10% depending upon what item category you will use. However, it offers up to a 4% commission over health products. 

  • Commission: 4%
  • Cookie Duration: 24-hours 
  • Physicians Choice

Physicians Choice is another best health affiliate program that offers more than 500 products. That is why their affiliate program is a great choice for website owners or bloggers. They include a wide selection of vitamins, probiotics, supplements, beauty products, and many others. As an affiliate, you can earn up to a 25% commission for each sale. You will be paid once you will get the $100 threshold for every month.  Its affiliate program also has a long cookie period. 

  • Commission: 25%
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days

Plus CBD is known as a CBD oil company that specializes in CBD-based items. They include various products to choose from, including sprays, gummies, balms, and drops, among others.

Moreover, PLUS CBD has an incredible affiliate program that offers a 15% commission per sale. That is why this affiliate program is one of the best choices for health bloggers. In addition, their affiliate program is managed by ShareASale, which is another excellent platform to join. 

  • Commission: 15%
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days



NUTRI PROFITS is another health care affiliate brand that helps website owners monetize their sites by promoting their goods and services on their blogs. In addition, they include a wide variety of products such as proteins, shakes, weight loss supplements, cleanses, lotions, creams, and many others. 

Moreover, NUTRI PROFITS includes an excellent affiliate program that offers a lifetime cookie. As an affiliate, you will be able to get a 40% commission from their first sale and then 20% on all other orders. In addition, affiliates can promote their products in more than 100 countries.

  • Commission: 40% 
  • Cookie Duration: Lifetime
  • Thrive Market 

Thrive Market is the world’s largest online grocery store that offers healthy and natural food products. This online grocery store is mainly focused on Gluten-free, Organic, and Vegan foods and healthy foods. They sell these products at 25% below retail price, which is quite brilliant. 

Moreover, its affiliate program offers a commission when a customer purchases an annual or monthly membership. 

  • Commission: up to $45 for an annual subscription and $5 on monthly membership
  • Cookie Duration: 14 days
  • The Vitamin Shoppe

Vitamin Shoppe is another store that offers a wide variety of health products such as Vitamins, Probiotics, Protein powders, superfoods, and groceries. All in all, this is an excellent affiliate program to join and promote different health products. 

Their affiliate program is managed by CJ affiliate and offers a 4% to 10% commission. 

  • Commission: 4%-10%
  • Cookie Duration: 7 days

7 Best Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs To Monetize Your Blog or Website

Suppose you are looking for some of the best pet insurance affiliate programs available today in the pate insurance niche. In that case, this post is for you. The best pet insurance affiliate programs allow access to top-level insurance companies on for all your visitors with pets. 

So, as an affiliate, you can make money by promoting pet insurance via affiliate programs by referring traffic. Their commission rates can vary from $15-$36 per sale or up to $100 per sale. 

So, in this article, we have put together the 7 best pet insurance affiliate programs that you can join to make money by promoting their products. 

The 7 Best Insurance Affiliate Programs

  • PetInsurer 

PetInsurer is known as a cost comparison site for the pet insurance niche. This program is very simple to use. So, if you want to get their insurance policy for your pet, you just need to enter your zip code and some basic information about your pets. Once you have provided the information, they will show you the most excellent and competitive insurance. 

PetInsurer is known as a cost comparison site for the pet insurance niche. This program is very simple to use. So, if you want to get their insurance policy for your pet, you just need to enter your zip code and some basic information about your pets. Once you have provided the information, they will show you the most excellent and competitive insurance bids according to your location. 

Moreover, PetInsurer is a timesaver company for anyone’s purchasing for the reasonably priced. They have collaborated with big companies such as Embrace, Petplan, Lemonade, Healthy Paw, and PetBest. 

PetInsurer’s affiliate program offers up to $100 super high commission per sale. 

  • Commission: $100 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Healthy Paws 

Healthy Paws offers pet insurance plans without any restrictions on limits on the claim amount. This program’s plan also includes hereditary as well as chronic conditions. 

One of the amazing things about Healthy Paws is that they are a part of many charitable efforts. This means per every sale attained from their online referral form, they will contribute $25 on behalf of the referer to assist homeless pets. There are hundreds of shelters and rescues that have benefited from Healthy Paws. 

  • Commission: $35 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days
  • PetPlan 

PetPlan is a well-known company and was launched by The American Animal Hospital Association as their preferred insurer. This program is a high-end option for your friends. Their insurance policy manages all situations that are new for every breed. 

Moreover, policy insurance might alter with PetPlan like annual coverage plan, premium amounts, and more. They also aimed at covering emergency vet visits for injury and illness, which will range from $49 to $249 each. They also include treatment for various diseases such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, hydrotherapy, and homeopathy. PetPlan’s affiliate program commission rate and cookie duration period are unlisted. 

  • Commission: Unknown
  • Cookie Duration: Unlisted


  • Trupanion Pet Insurance

Trupanion is the world’s largest pet insurance policy that provides pet owners a straightforward, single plan. Their plan managed everything from tests and medications and surgery and offered some days recovering at your pet’s house. This program also offers insurance coverage up to 90% of your total amount. 

Furthermore, its affiliate program is managed by Impact Radius; you should have an account with them. As an affiliate, you can make up to $25 commission per lead. 

  • Commission: $25 
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Agria Pet Insurance 

Agria Pet is another well-known Swedish-based pet healthcare agency that launched for business in the United Kingdom in 2009. Although, they are working in this field since 1890. They offer flexible insurance policies, permitting people to select the kind of cover they require for their furry friends. Their each insurance policy offers to cover up to £12,500 per year. 

  • Commission: TBC 
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Pets Best Pet Insurance 

Pet Best insurance company was initially developed by Dr. Jack Stephens after being requested to euthanize a dog because the holder could not afford the treatment expenses. 

They aim to fill the gaps in other insurance policies such as routine care, 24/7 customer service, and more. Pet Best also does not place an upper age limit in their sickness and accident plan. 

As a Pet Best’s affiliate, you can make up to $2.40 per lead. 

  • Commission: $2.4
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Petco

Petco is another excellent insurance company making over $4.1 billion in revenue per year. It has become a household name in the pet department. They are selling everything from pets goods and services to certain kinds of live animals as well. Again, we can confirm that this is the affiliate program. You will get the right products for your affiliate content. 

  • Commission: 80% per sale
  • Cookie Duration: 7 days

Best eBay Affiliate Program Review

Top affiliates are always remaining in search of a new way to monetize their blog or website. Because using a wide range of affiliate programs means you avoid possessing all your financial options in one option. 

From our findings, Amazon is one of the most popular and used affiliate programs used by affiliates. However, they are not the only affiliate program for affiliate programs featuring billions of products. 

eBay affiliate program is another most popular player in the game. So, let’s find out with our in-depth eBay Affiliate Program. 

What Is Ebay’s Affiliate Program?

If you want to become an affiliate marketer, eBay can be your best option for growing your business. So, suppose you are already getting visitors to your website or blog and your listings. In that case, you can earn extra money regardless of whether your products sell or not. 

Additionally, eBay Partner Network is known as an in-house affiliate program. As an affiliate marketer, you can counterbalance your seller fees when you sign up for the eBay affiliate program. Affiliates will also be able to diversify their revenue and boost their earnings. 

Moreover, the eBay affiliate program offers the solutions required to build campaigns and ads, drive customers to boost revenue, observe performance, and upgrade results. All in all, eBay helps business owners to grow their business at each step of their journey. 

Furthermore, as an eBay affiliate partner, you can select from your personal listings or the million others in eBay’s world marketplace. Being an affiliate, you will be allowed to share these listings with your traffic and monetize your digital footprints. In addition, affiliates will commission when someone clicks on their promoted links and purchases on eBay within 1 day. Their commission rates range from 1% to 6% of eBay’s revenue. Thus, as an affiliate marketer, you can earn unlimited commissions. 

Commission: up to 1% to 6% 

eBay Affiliate Commission Rates And Rules

eBay affiliate program offers its affiliate partners a commission of the sales price, which amounts to 50% to 70% of their fees for referred deals. eBay’s different categories offer different commission rates to its affiliates. Their cookie duration period is only 24 hours. Amazon also has the same cookie duration, but over 50 percent of eBay deals are 7-day auctions. Besides, many customers are looking to lash out auctions, so they hold back for the final hours of the auction to tender. So, being an affiliate, it receives a tender to get credit for the deal. However, luckily eBay is transitioning more their e-commerce to purchase it now type sales. 

eBay Partner Network Tools and Support

eBay has very much improved in this skill at the last network overhaul. Currently, they include so many methods to insert links and even tools to boost conversion rates. This partner network offers affiliate marketers with this publisher’s portal.

Besides, eBay Partner Network includes a comprehensive range of tools. 


This affiliate marketing tool permits affiliates to generate links from any eBay page directly from their browser. 

Link Generator

Links Generate is another excellent tool for affiliates that helps create deep links for any page, item, or online store on the eBay site. 

Smart Links 

As an affiliate, you add a code snippet to your blog. Each and every present or upcoming link to eBay is monetized easily. Besides, Smart links also to create android specific ads for higher conversion rates. 

Smart Placements 

This tool helps to make banners that match the affiliate’s audience’s search intention in real-time. 

eBay Affiliate Payment

According to our findings, eBay Partner Network runs on a net 3o basis. If the affiliate makes a sale on July 10th, the affiliate will get paid for that on August 10th. Besides, eBay has a very simple payment process as you can select between EFT or PayPal. They include a payment threshold of only 10 dollars. 

eBay APIs

eBay Affiliate Program includes plenty of APIs( Application Programming Interface) for professional and experienced affiliates to make use of. As an affiliate, you can select from the following: 

  • Buy API
  • Finding API
  • Trading API
  • Shopping API


Pros And Cons Of eBay Affiliate Program

So let’s have a look at the main pros and cons of eBay’s affiliate program. 


  • Affiliates can have a high status if they can drive enough audience
  • There is no other website that comes near in terms of brand recognition
  • As an affiliate, you sell a wide range of products via links
  • Up to 70% of all items on eBay are new 
  • Offers a very impressive range of affiliate tools and creatives
  • User-friendly interface


  • Only has a 1-day cookie duration period
  • Its commission structure is a little bit confused
  • Commission: varies by product.
  • Payment: Monthly basis
  • Payment Threshold: up to $10
  • Cookie Duration: 24-hours

Final Thoughts 

We have concluded that eBay’s affiliate program has a nice set of tools; the user-friendly interface is a dream to work with. Its reporting is exceptionally well and super easy. Actually, many other affiliate programs could learn a lot of things from eBay’s affiliate program. All in all, this is an incredible alternative to Amazon that’s at least worth trying. 

real estate

Which Real Estate Affiliate Programs To Use In 2022?

According to Google Trends, search interest in the keyword “affiliate marketing” increased by 30% between September 2016 and September 2017, and affiliate marketing accounts for 16% of all online orders.

That is affiliate marketing’s strength. Although there are many other affiliate marketing programs to choose from, we’ll focus on real estate affiliate marketing programs in this post.


Are you seeking a way to advertise property management-related products through an affiliate program? Then Buildium is the program for you. Buildium has also been named to the Inc 5000 list of “America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies” for the seventh year in a row.

How does their affiliate program work?

You can use ShareASale or Commission Junction to sign up. After your account has been approved, you may begin selling their software via managed PPC campaigns or through your real estate-related blogs.


  • For qualified leads, you’ll get compensated. Not only that, but each monthly membership that comes from your website will earn you a 25% recurring commission. Buildium is a great option if you’re seeking monthly recurring real estate affiliate programs.
  • Setup is simple, and tracking is superb.
  • Anyone can apply, and signing up is entirely free.

real estate

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is a pioneer in online real estate education, founded in 1996 and assisting thousands of real estate agents and brokers each year through their platform.

It also has an affiliate program to make money. It is done through sharing Real Estate Express referral links with your friends and family.

What is the Real Estate Express affiliate program, and how does it work?

Here’s how Real Estate Express may help you make money.

You’ll become a member of their affiliate program (which is free to sign up for). Once your account has been approved, you may begin generating commissions by recommending Real Estate Express online courses.

You will be paid a commission if someone purchases their real estate license courses through your affiliate link. You’ll also gain immediate access to Real Estate Express’s Manager Dashboard, where you can track your clicks, people who enroll through your website, leads, total sales, and more.


  • Every sale earns you a 20% commission. When someone purchases using the Real Estate Express Partner Affiliate Program referral links mentioned on your website, you can earn a 20% commission.
  • The cookie life span is 100 days. That implies you’ll still get compensated if someone clicks but doesn’t buy right away and converts within 100 days.
  • Payments are made every 15 days.

Real Estate Affiliates is one of the most popular real estate affiliate networks globally, with thousands of real estate brokers and marketers using it to promote high-paying affiliate deals.

What is the system, and how does it work? is an excellent option for all types of marketers, real estate agents, and publications interested in profiting from the growing popularity of real estate crowdfunding. To earn a commission for any sale made using your referral link, you only need to join their affiliate network.

There are three main ways to profit from their affiliate network, which are detailed below.

  • When you direct visitors to their partner advertisers, you get rewarded on a cost per action (CPA) basis (your referrals complete an action such as becoming a lead, signing up to their email list, purchasing something, etc., to get paid).
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL) is one of the simplest ways to increase your real estate affiliate commission since you are paid on a Cost Per Lead basis for each reference you provide to their partner advertisers.
  • Another way to get money is through Revenue Share, which pays you a recurring commission on all transactions your referrals make with any of their partner advertisers.

Vrbo Affiliate Program

Vrbo is one of the largest vacation rental inventories globally, with over 2 million properties available to the market as an affiliate and earn affiliate commissions.

How does the Vrbo affiliate program work?

You can refer vacation rentals to your website audience through the Vrbo affiliate network, and you’ll earn money every time someone clicks on your referral link. Vrbo helps you become a successful real estate affiliate by providing 3rd party tracking, real-time reporting, and monthly commission checks.

  • You can earn up to a 3% commission for each successful referral that leases a Vrbo listing.
  • As an associate, you can earn $20 for each new listing you refer to the Vrbo website.
  • Because you’ll be paid every month, the commission will be paid to you via PayPal each month.

What is the procedure for becoming a Vrbo affiliate and earning more money?

Vrbo has collaborated with Commission Junction, so you’ll need to register an account to become an affiliate and make money by referring their products.

Once your account has been approved, you can begin promoting their real estate-related products on your website or through social media campaigns to increase your affiliate commission.



Best Travel Affiliate Programs

What Is An Affiliate Program, and How Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing is the practice of promoting a product or service that you did not create. You earn a commission if someone buys that goods or service through your affiliate or referral link. The amount of commission you receive is solely dependent on the items or services you promote.

You can literally make thousands of dollars via affiliate marketing if you’re savvy enough.

Affiliate marketing is, without a doubt, the most effective way for travel bloggers (or those who manage travel affiliate sites) to earn passive income online. Finding the greatest travel affiliate items, however, is not straightforward.

Earn More Money with the Best Travel Affiliate Programs

Airbnb Affiliate Program

Airbnb has a unique affiliate program and is one of the most popular housing websites. The Guest and Host affiliate programs are two aspects that affiliate marketers can make use of. You can use any Airbnb listing on your blog or website as part of the Guest affiliate program. When someone books a hotel through your blog, you will be paid a commission.

You can promote Airbnb hosting possibilities on your site through the Host affiliate program. When one of your visitors becomes a host, you will be paid a commission.

Booking.Com Affiliate Program is one of the most frequently visited travel websites. The Travelpayouts affiliate network manages its affiliate program, which is open to any affiliate marketers. Joining is simple and free. They also take good care of their affiliates. They offer a search box for deals, banner integration possibilities, and deep connection to users.

Their commissions are calculated based on the amount of stayed bookings per month.

  • You get a 25% commission if you book between 0 and 50 nights.
  • Bookings with 51 to 150 nights give you a 30% commission.
  • You get a 35% commission on stays between 151 and 500.
  • And if you book 501 or more nights, you’ll get a 40% commission.

Before joining the network, please keep in mind: Their minimum payout is 100 Euros, and they exclusively accept PayPal payments.

Flipkey Affiliate Program

TripAdvisor Rentals, which includes FlipKey, has over 850,000 units in 190 countries. There are numerous unique places to stay in this area. CJ Affiliates is in charge of its affiliate program.

  • 4 percent commission
  • 7-day cookie duration


Agoda Affiliate Program

This website offers over 950,000 lodging options throughout the world. This provides affiliate marketers with a plethora of referral alternatives. Here you will find a wide range of accommodations, including hotels and private apartments. As a result, you’ll have a diverse audience.

Agoda’s affiliate program pays out commissions based on the number of referrals. You’ll get a 35 percent fee if you get less than 50 referrals. The affiliate receives a 60% commission if 1000 referrals make a complete booking in a month.

This is another excellent affiliate scheme from which affiliate marketers can profit. It’s a member of the Expedia affiliate program. When customers book through their affiliate link, affiliate marketers will receive a commission.

They are unable to work directly with their partners. Only through intermediary networks is this feasible. People in Canada and the United States can only work with them through

For each booking, affiliate marketers will receive a commission of approximately 4.92 percent.

Travala Affiliate Program

Given the rise in popularity of bitcoin, now is an excellent time to market a travel website that accepts cryptocurrency payments. Travala is one such site that accepts crypto payments and has a profitable affiliate program that allows you to make money in cryptocurrency.

Everyone is welcome to join, and the basic program pays a 5% commission on every travel booking made through your affiliate link. The best part is that you’ll be paid in bitcoins, making it yet another popular cryptocurrency affiliate scheme.

At the bottom of Travala’s webpage, you’ll find a link to join their Affiliate program.


ShareASale is a marketplace where you can locate the best affiliate programs in any niche.

ShareASale offers a variety of prominent hotels, travel airlines, and services (such as Riu Hotels, Qatar Airways, The Lalit Hotels, Agoda, and others).

If you’ve never used ShareASale before, you might find the navigation perplexing at first.


  • Payment is made via direct bank deposit.
  • It’s easier to meet the minimum compensation requirements than with in-house affiliate programs.
  • See which affiliate programs are the most successful in each topic.

Amazon Associates

It’s time to leave the hotels and trip packages behind. Those interested in affiliate marketing can find plenty of options on Those who want to recommend travel gear, apparel, and travel-related accessories, on the other hand, should absolutely join Amazon’s affiliate program.



Financial Affiliate Programs To Consider In 2022

Bank affiliate programs, credit report affiliate programs, trading/investing affiliate programs, and budgeting/net worth tracking affiliate programs are just a few examples of financial services affiliate programs. We’ve also dipped our toes into crypto at the end of the article for good measure.

Some items are classified as belonging to more than one category. Personal Capital, for example, provides both a net worth tracker and investment management services.

The best financial affiliate programs are listed below.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma has modest commissions compared to other financial products, but the advertising process is much smoother because it is a free service. Instead of persuading your audience to buy something, demonstrate the benefits of Credit Karma’s free credit tools.

Credit Karma’s cookie period is 30 days, and all your lead has to do to get compensated is register an account. In comparison to financial services that need customers to deposit or spend money in order for affiliates to earn a payout, this makes it a pretty simple process.

Credit Karma can also be recommended alongside other financial affiliate items such as credit cards or banks that give loans. This generates a one-of-a-kind cross-sell opportunity that boosts profits.

Personal Capital

One of the most heavily touted financial affiliate programs is Personal Capital. Personal Capital was linked to over 150 times on one of the sites we looked at.

There isn’t one in the footer throughout the content.

Many finance bloggers have invested that much in this software.

Advanced financial technologies, free planning, tracking tools, and competitive affiliate rates all boil down to the product (and the profit). Their commercial services are aimed at people with a net worth of more than $100,000, although anyone can use their free tools.


Here are some questions to ask while assessing bank affiliate programs:

  •         What accounts does the bank have to offer? Checking, savings, high-yield savings accounts, brokerage accounts, and IRAs are all common types of accounts.
  •         What is the minimum account opening or bonus offer requirement? Is your target audience in the middle of their fandom journey, and does it fit this bank?
  •         What are the costs each month? How can people prevent having to pay these fees?
  •         Is there a high-yield savings account available at the bank? What is the annual percentage yield on these accounts? Are there any additional rules or incentives for achieving a specific APY?
  •         What are the alternatives for a business account? Business owners often have different goals than personal users and are eligible for SEP IRAs and Solo 401ks.
  •         What is the quality of customer service? Can you provide a personal anecdote to help people believe in the product?

Because bank offerings vary regularly, you should visit each institution’s website for the most up-to-date information.


Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame and Credit Karma are two very comparable products. Credit Sesame is unique in that it offers a free membership that includes $50,000 in identity theft insurance as well as free credit reports. You can sell both goods as complements to one another because they are both free products with somewhat distinct value propositions.

While Lifelock offers a greater raw commission, it’s vital to remember that your audience must pay for it, which means affiliates will need lengthier sales to funnel.

In other words, converting an audience to a paid product takes longer than converting an audience to a free product, so find the sweet spot between conversion volume and commission rates.


Different incentives exist for leads vs. funded accounts in Robinhood and its equivalents (eToro does not pay for leads). Users who sign up for an account using their email address are considered leads; however, paying the account necessitates linking a bank account.

Promoting Robinhood has serious risks, as its public image has been tarnished due to its reliability and business methods. There was backlash during the Wallstreet Bets disaster in early 2022 when Robinhood froze the purchasing and trading of certain meme stocks. Many users believed that this went against the company’s initial objective of democratizing investment.

Its user base continues to increase. It pioneered zero-commission trading and is praised for its user-friendliness and a wide choice of investment alternatives. Before promoting Robinhood, test the waters with your audience to determine what kind of feelings they have about the site.


Coinbase stands out in the burgeoning bitcoin market thanks to its superior user experience and dependability. It is quite picky about who it accepts as affiliates, with a low approval rate. Binance, for example, offers regular lifetime commissions on sales and transactions, making it a more profitable long-term option.

It’s critical to understand your audience’s psychographics when it comes to cryptocurrency affiliates. Crypto has made a name for itself in the personal finance world, with several notable bloggers now recommending it as a valuable diversification tool.

However, before marketing crypto, it’s a good idea to see how your audience feels about it. If people regard it as a risk, more content will be required to persuade them to use the platforms. They must also be confident enough to invest their money because commissions are only paid on active deals.

Affiliate marketing for more traditional financial items will be more beneficial if most of your audience views cryptocurrency negatively. It takes work to earn your audience’s trust, and it’s not worth sacrificing it to promote a product.



Top 7 Best Marketing Affiliate Programs For Beginners To Make Money

So, you have decided to dive into the moneymaking world of affiliate marketing. So, if you have just started, you may be looking at which type of affiliate marketing programs are best to make money. For example, you may want to expand income for a content website that offers revenue via promoting advertising. Besides, you are searching for methods to monetize your website or blogging content. 

So, let’s dive into the best 7 affiliate websites for any level of bloggers or website owners. 

Top 7 Best Marketing Affiliate Programs

  • Amazon Associates

Amazon currently is the world’s largest e-commerce industry severing the entire world. There are over 200 million users of Amazon Associates every month, which are insane numbers. So, this Amazon Associates is one of the most trusted e-commerce website around the globe. 

Its affiliate program bus very awesome, as you can make reasonable commissions through their expensive reach across the globe. For example, Amazon Associates’ affiliate program offers 24 hours cookie duration, and you can make up to 10% per sale you refer. 

Moreover, affiliates can commission any item someone purchases, even if it’s not the one you suggested. Luckily, this program is absolutely free to join. 

  • Commission: Up to 10% per sale
  • Cookie Duration: 24 hours
  • Requirements: 3 qualified customers within 180 days
  • ClickBank 

ClickBank is another well-known affiliate program served toward small businesses. They offer unique products and services within their affiliate program that you would not find anywhere else. They allow affiliates to work with suppliers directly. 

In addition, ClickBank has been working for 2 decades and includes more than 6 million products. They aimed at providing digital info-products, which is an over $50 billion market. Besides, their affiliate program is absolutely free to join. 

  • Commission: 75% 
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days
  • Requirements: affiliates must have a tax ID or social security number
  • FlexOffers

FlexOffers is a well-known affiliate program that offers more than 12,000 products in 25 different categories for affiliates to choose from. As an affiliate, you can also make a commission by referring other affiliates to their program. They include products in different categories that range from travel, entertainment, business, and education. 

In addition, FlexOffers’s affiliate program offers high commissions compared to any other network on the list. Their program is also available for everyone and free of cost. As an affiliate, you will make different commissions for different items.

  • Commission: Varies by items
  • Cookie Duration: 30-days
  • Requirements: A blog or website is a must to join this affiliate program
  • Commission Junction

Commission Junction affiliate program is working for more than 20 years now. They aim to offer the best experience for every member of affiliate marketing. They are the world’s most popular affiliate program that offers the best customer services for affiliates. 

In addition, Commission Junction is very simple to use and navigate. They also have a wide variety of products, and they make it straightforward for affiliates to increase their commissions. This program is also absolutely free to join.

  • Commission: Changes according to products
  • Cookie Duration: Their affiliate program uses cookies-less tracking
  • Requirements: affiliates must have a website or blog to become a member of this program
  • ShareASale

ShareASale includes more than 4,000 agencies to choose from. This program is very simple and provides products across so many different categories. They also publish a huge amount of data on each package they are offering; these include commission per click, reversals rates, average sale amount, and average commission. 

Additionally, ShareASale payout on the 20th of each month. 

  • Commission: not fixed
  • Cookie Duration: Unlisted
  • Requirements: A blog or a website is a must to join this affiliate program


  • Rakuten

Rakuten affiliate program has been at no.1 for the last few years. There are more than 110 million users of this affiliate program. They offer a user-friendly interface, partnered with impressive performance and features. This means it is a perfect affiliate program for beginners. 

Once you have signed up, you will have to apply to individual agencies within the program. You will have a huge opportunity to work with some of the massive and well-known brands of the world. 

  • Commission: Not Fixed
  • Cookie Duration: Varies by product
  • Requirements: Blog or website is a must to join this affiliate program
  • Shopify 

Shopify is another trending affiliate program in the industry.  It is known as a website-building network mainly focused on e-commerce. They are running more than 600,000 websites online right now. 

So, if your customers are interested in e-commerce, you can start making money by referring them to this program. 

Shopify also includes different subscription tiers, ranging from minimum amounts to thousands of dollars a month. Although, referring Shopify to your audience can be tough because it sits at a higher cost point than most of the other affiliate programs on our list. 

  • Commission: up to $2000 per client
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Requirements: Does not include any requirement