10 Best Online Stores Affiliate Programs

There are various types of affiliate programs currently working in digital marketing. But the selection of affiliate programs for monetization purposes is always tricky due to the complex working methods and harsh terms and conditions. During the selection of an affiliate program, you need to keep in mind the avenues and the preferences of your audience. Because during the selection of affiliate programs, you should also keep in mind your audience. It will be suitable for your website traffic if you choose a program that offers quality products. You should also select an affiliate program according to your niche if you are a blogger or site owner. This article provides you the details of the top affiliate program which you should consider joining. 

  1. Leadpages
  2. Hubspot
  3. Elementor
  4. GetResponse
  5. SEMRush
  6. Fiverr
  7. Unbounce
  8. ConvertKit
  9. AWeber
  10. Shopify

1. Leadpages

Suppose you want to grow your business with passive income up to 50% in the form of commissions on every sale, which is drive by your referral link. In that case, you should join the Leadpages affiliate program. If you want to join this program, on sign up, you will be entertained with a unique URL to invite others to try Leadpages. It is free and easy to join this affiliate network. You can earn a 10-50% lifetime cut of every transaction as long as visitors are Leadpages customers. It also supports you with promotion assets and training materials. 

  • Commission rate: 10-50%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

2. Hubspot

Hubspot affiliate program allows you to generate revenue from your content while helping the SMB community grow better. The commission rate in this affiliate program starts from 15%, and the average commission payout is $276. The joining process is straightforward; you just have to choose your preferred commission rate and submit an application through your network. It gives you a share of income on every qualifying customer you refer. 

  • Commission rate: start from 15%
  • Cookie duration: 90 days

3. Elementor

Elementor values its partners and offers commissions up to 50% per sale. It has a super attentive and dedicated affiliate team to assist you with any questions. As an affiliate, it also gives you exclusive access to a collection of logos and promotional banners. Elementor affiliate program encourages you to promote its products, bring new customers, and ensure that you are rewarded for your services. 

  • Commission rate: up to 50%
  • Cookie duration: 15 days

4. GetResponse

GetResponse is a comprehensive marketing software platform that helps create content, increase sales and increase traffic to their website. It is free and easy to join. It offers sustainable long-term revenue, free marketing materials, and access to real-time earning statistics. 

  • Commission rate: 33%
  • Cookie duration: 120 days

5. SEMRush

Semrush affiliate program is based on revenue sharing. In contrast, as an affiliate, you promote products in exchange for a commission on every sale. It allows you to collaborate and cooperate with experts and big names all around the globe. It provides a robust and easy-to-use API that allows pulling various data from its databases and integrates it into your own product. 

  • Commission rate: 40%
  • Cookie duration: 90 days


6. Fiverr

Fiverr is the leading marketplace for freelance services; you can boost your earning by driving traffic to Fiverr. It allows you to choose your own commission plan and earn up to $1000 for a single conversion. It is free and easy to join and get access to marketing materials and other tools. It also provides professional support, tutorials, and a dedicated affiliate manager. 

  • Commission rate: up to $1000 for a single conversion
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

7. Unbounce

This program is designed by marketers for marketers to facilitate its partners. You can earn $320 per month by referring 10 people and $1600 per month by referring 50 people to this program. In addition, it offers a 20% lifetime cut for every customer that you help discover Unbounce. 

  • Commission rate: up to 20%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

8. ConvertKit

If you are a natural promoter, love sharing things. You can earn money for pursuing your passion by joining the ConvertKit affiliate program. Because ConvertKit gives you a 30% commission for every person who signs up to ConvertKit through your affiliate link. By joining its email marketing affiliate program, you can earn money and help other creators. 

  • Commission rate: up to 30%
  • Cookie duration: 3 weeks

9. AWeber

AWeber helps you to earn money by referring other people to its site. The process to join AWeber is easy and free. Firstly, you have to create an AWeber account, and then you will receive a unique link that you can share anywhere to earn a commission. In addition, you can earn 30% recurring payments each month. 

  • Commission rate: up to 30%
  • Cookie duration: 60 days

10. Shopify

If you want to help your audience launch their successful businesses, you should join this network. It helps you make maximum referrals and provides its partner’s different resources to support their content development and optimize referral performance. It also gives access to a library of global creative, lead magnets, product announcements through its personal dashboard option.

  • Commission rate: 20%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

Top 8 Best Retail Affiliate Programs 2022

If you have a retail-related blog or website, you can earn extra money by selling their products. Many retail affiliate programs offer tens of thousands of products to market.  Internet-based stores that include a lot of offers could customers computing longer. That means customers might bring more to their shopping carts and boost the commission you make in the entire process. 

Hence, a list of the best 8 online retailer affiliate programs is an incredible way to know how to use these programs with your personal niche blog. 

8 Best Retail Affiliate Programs

  • Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is the world’s largest and most popular online retailer, with millions of products and around 40+ categories to browse through. Amazon’s affiliate program offers native ads that you can display on your websites. In addition, they can connect directly to the item pages they have to show on Amazon. 

As an affiliate, you will earn variable commissions based on the types of products you are promoting. For example, Amazon Associates can earn up to 4% commission for fashion, shoes, jewelry, Echo, and Fire TV device categories.  In addition, they can make up to 8% commission for home, garden, and furniture sales and 10% on beauty items. 

  • Commission: Up to 10% 
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown 
  • Target Affiliate Program 

Target is another leading retailer affiliate program, with more than a million items that customers can purchase. Their affiliate program offers a tier-based commission structure. For example, they give a 3-5% commission on baby gear and furniture products. In addition, affiliates can earn up to 8% commission on home and decor products, apparel, and accessories. 

Besides, health and beauty products allow affiliates to earn up to 1% commission. However, this program doesn’t offer any commission for groceries, household products, baby care products, toys, pet items, sporting goods, and video instruments.  

Everyone can join this affiliate program from any part of the world and without paying a single penny. 

  • Commission: 8% 
  • Cookie Duration: 7 days
  • AliExpress 

AliExpress is one of the most popular and used online retailers. More than a million items are sourced from over 129,000 different sellers. This company is located in China and provides sites in 5 other languages to meet the world’s purchasing demand. Their order is shipped in more than 200 countries. 

Furthermore, by partnering with Amazon, the commissions vary according to the type of products being promoted. From our findings, affiliates can earn up to 50% on some particular products. 

  • Commission: 50%
  • Cookie Duration: Unlisted
  • E-Bay Affiliate Program 

E-Bay includes 13 different sites with more than 1 billion listings all over the world. As an affiliate, you can link to items in categories like sports, health, fashion, shoes, jewelry, electronics, home and decor, collectibles, and many others. 

Moreover, they include various purchasing options for customers to choose from, like “Purchase it now” or daily orders. The commission you can make per sale varies based on the categories of products you select. E-Bay affiliate partners can earn up to 40-80% commission. 

  • Commission: 40-80%
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown


  • Walmart Affiliate Program 

Walmart is another popular online retail store that includes a wide selection of products to choose from. As an affiliate, you can earn up to 4% commission for successful sales. Besides, you can make a 1% commission on categories like books, electronics, movies, and music. Affiliates can earn 4% for only beauty, clothing, gifts, registry, home jewelry, and garden items. 

Besides, Walmart manages its affiliate program through the Impact Radius affiliate network. 

  • Commission: 4%
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown 
  • BestBuy 

BestBuy is a well-known electronics store that allows people to purchase any type, brand, deal, and service. In addition, they offer free shipping for sales of $35 or more. BestBuy’s affiliate program has a complex commission structure. Few products like laptops, tablets, video game hardware, and apple watches are excluded from commissions. Many other products offer only a 1% commission rate. 

However, affiliates can earn up to 7% commission if they sell fitness equipment and accessories. 

  • Commission: 1-5% commission on selected items
  • Cookie Duration: Unlisted
  • Hobby Lobby Affiliate Program 

Hobby Lobby is a retail store that includes more than 70,000 products for customers to choose from. They have products from different categories such as crafts, arts, hobbies, home decor, fabric, and image frames. Besides, they also include best themes like animals, movies, fishing, or more below its various department section. This thing can offer clues about which items to use in niche marketing. 

Moreover, Hobby Lobby generally gets sales on particular products and provides coupons, persuading shopping from some buyers. This affiliate program is managed by FlexOffers. 

  • Commission: up to 4% 
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown
  • Home Depot 

Home Depot is a well-known company including a wide range of online stores and offering more than 500,000 products in the DIY niche. In addition, they provide free shipping services to local customers. 

As an affiliate partner with Home Depot, you can earn up to a 2% commission on appliances. They also make an 8% commission on home decor items. 

  • Commission: $10,  1%-4% 
  • Cookie Duration: 3 days



Top 7 Best Job Affiliate Programs 2022 

Job websites are one of the most rapidly growing niches of the web. There are tens of thousands of people searching for job opportunities around the world according to their expertise. If you can assist them both corporate with each other and earn money simultaneously, that will be pretty nice.

So, in this post, we will talk about some of the best job affiliate programs you would like to check out to monetize your customers in the job niche ideally. 

7 Best Job Affiliate Programs

  • JuJu Affiliate Program

JuJu is the world’s largest job-search platform that permits agencies to promote their job openings. Job seekers get new job opportunities in a wide selection of categories. Applicants can find job opportunities in various niches such as banking, accounting, administrative and clerical, among others. 

In addition, companies can advertise their jobs using the JuJu affiliate program at a reasonable price. So, you can become a member with JuJu as an affiliate partner. Then, whenever a customer clicks on the job listing via your niche website, you as an affiliate will get paid a small commission of what is charged by the program. 

  • Commission: unlisted
  • Cookie Duration: N/A
  • ZipRecruiter Affiliate Program

ZipRecruiter is a well-known job seeker network launched back in 2010. This network has assisted more than 1.7 million businesses brands in having the perfect candidates to boost their growth.

Besides, the world’s most popular magazine such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and TechCrunch has featured this program into their stories. More than 25 million people visit their website, and over 8 billion jobs are being advertised each month. So, as an affiliate, you can become a member of their affiliate program to refer employers and earn commissions. 

  • Commission: not disclosed
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown
  • Recruiter Affiliate Program 

Recruiter is another world’s number one program for job seekers. This program is perfect for advertisers, recruiters, and job seekers searching for opportunities to earn money. Besides, this platform is used by the world’s most prominent organizations like Manulife, Disnep, and others. Therefore, job seekers can find thousands of job opportunities on this platform. 

Moreover, Recruiter’s affiliate program doesn’t work on pay-per-click bases. As an affiliate, you can receive a commission when a job seeker is hired. Likewise, when a company hires new applicants, you receive a commission for that too. This affiliate program is managed by FlexOffers and is absolutely free to join. 

  • Commission: 20%
  • Cookie Duration: not disclosed


  • Snagajob Affiliate Program 

Snagajob is a leading job search network that assists job seekers in finding hourly and crucial jobs. Besides, employers can also find emerging talent to meet their growth requirements. Snagajob is a well-known and reliable platform founded back in 2000. There are plenty of organizations and agencies which are using this platform to hire workers.  

In addition, Snagajob’s affiliate program is managed through FlexOffers. As a result, affiliates can make profits for each registration on Snagajob that is referred by affiliates. 

  • Commission: variable
  • Cookie Duration: 45 days
  • Resume Robin 

Resume Robin is one of the most popular resume distributors for job seekers. Applicants can send their resumes to hundreds of employers and land recruiters with a one-click to quickly get the job of their dreams. Besides, this platform has more than 6 million visitors, making them one of the most popular. 

Thus, this affiliate program is an incredible option to monetize your website or blog if you use ad networks such as Google AdWords, AdSense, and Ezoic, among others. 

Affiliates can use this affiliate program for free and can earn up to $100 commission per sale. 

  • Commission: 15% -50% per sale 
  • Cookie Duration: Unlisted
  • Employment Crossing Affiliate Program 

Employment Crossing is known as a private job search platform that assists people in finding jobs quickly. This program has millions of followers, so it is one of the most reputed companies in the industry.  They’re also called United States’ #1 job board. 

Moreover, Employment Crossing’s affiliate program is run through the FlexOffers affiliate network. This program is absolutely free to join. They also offer incredible commissions and all the necessary promotional tools to provide you better results. 

  • Commission: Variable 
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown
  • Purejobs Affiliate Program 

Purejobs is another of the most extensive American job boards that help job seekers find excellent employers. As we have explained already, these platforms work, so let’s have at its affiliate program. 

Its affiliate program is absolutely free to join. Moreover, suppose a job seeker navigates to Purejobs site via affiliates referral link and shares his CV to get noticed. In that case, affiliates will get a small adverting commission for that.

In addition, affiliates will earn more commissions if the resume sale happens afterward. 

  • Commission: $0.5 for resume share and 25% commissions on all sales
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days



Top 7 Best Hosting Affiliate Programs In 2022

Hosting is the world’s largest and profitable affiliate marketing niches available in the industry. There are hundreds of hosting affiliate programs, but we have worked hard to explain best for affiliates. This article has listed the top 7 best hosting affiliate programs where affiliates can make up to $5,000 in commission for the customer they refer. Let’s have a look at great hosting affiliate programs.

7 Best Hosting Affiliate Programs 

  • SiteGround Affiliate Program 

SiteGround is the world’s largest hosting agency that has progressed from being a single employee agency to one with over 400+ employees. This company is based in Sofia, Bulgaria, developed in 2004. Besides, this agency is hosting more than 1,600,000 domains on its system all over the world. This agency also offers over 1500 tickets, gets above 1000 calls and chat requests daily. TheseThese features are backed up with world-class power generating systems and the best network connectivity to offers its increasing client’s requirements worldwide. 

This company offers hosting facilities in three different packages, including StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. It allows you to build a website with just 3 clicks. 

In addition, SiteGround’s affiliate program includes a tiered commission structure that pays out on the number of sales. This means, for sales between 1 to 5 monthly, affiliates make $50 per sale. However, if affiliates sell between 6 and 10 sales, they receive $75 per sale. 

  • Vultr Affiliate Program 

Vultr is another well-known cloud hosting company, developed by Aninowsky in February 2014. This platform allows users to deploy servers in 15+ locations worldwide for a reasonable price of $2.50 per month. There are more than 5 million users of this excellent hosting company around the globe. 

Additionally, Vultr offers a unique affiliate program where affiliates can refer new clients and make commissions. Their affiliate program makes affiliate partners make a $100 minimum before they can withdraw. Affiliates can get their payments via PayPal twice a month. 

  • DreamHost 

DreamHost was developed in 1996 and of the most reputable and trustworthy hosting companies out there with over 20 years of experience. They aimed at providing different services such as 24/7 support, 100% uptime guaranteed, share hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, and dedicated hosting, among others. Besides, DreamHost is currently hosting more than 1.5 million sites. Users can also purchase domains and hosting from this company. 

Moreover, as an affiliate, you can make up to $250 commissions in the DreamHost referral program. This program also includes a user-friendly dashboard. 


  • iPage Affiliate Program 

iPage is another excellent hosting brand that was initially developed in 2008. The company is hosting more than 1 million sites in its system. Its offices are based in Burlington and Massachusetts, which offers an easy-to-use vDeck control panel. 

Moreover, iPage offers low-cost hosting and plenty of free goods and services. They also aim to provide clients free Chrome and Yahoo coupons frequently. Besides, this company includes only a single hosting plan for only $1.99 per month. This hosting plan will provide you exciting features, including unlimited disk space, unlimited domains, and many others. 

Additionally, its affiliate program provides excellent opportunities for affiliates to earn some high commissions. Since the company has low hosting prices, there is an excellent opportunity for conversion. Affiliates can make up to $105 commission by selling VPS hosting. 

  • CoinsHost Affiliate Program

CoinsHost is one of the most popular hosting agencies mainly focused on privacy, DDOS, and crypto payment support. The company’s main headquarters are located in Zurich, Switzerland. In addition, this hosting company accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies and is very open about helping cryptocurrency infrastructure. 

Besides, CoinsHost encourages customers to pay for hosting with cryptocurrency. They also include dedicated servers, free same-day setup, high on-site security, a money-back guarantee, and more. 

Its affiliate program pays up to a 5% commission for each referral per month. These earnings are for the long-living of the account. Affiliates can receive their payments to PayPal or Bank Account. 

  • FatCow Affiliate Program 

FatCow was a well-known and world’s oldest hosting company, having been introduced in 1998. This company aims to provide web hosting, domain, email, and website management services. Besides, they include a wide selection of hosting types: WordPress hosting, Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and dedicated hosting. Their website features include free domain, free domain name, $99.99 Google ads, and a money-back guarantee. FatCow’s tracking cookie duration period is 60 days. 

  • Scala Hosting Affiliate Program 

Scala Hosting is another incredible hosting organization that was introduced in 2008. The company aims to develop VPS hosting, a resource that clients can use to make brilliant items on the site. Besides, this company has its own cPanel, which is alternatively called SPanel. This SPanel can deliver on all in the one-hosting network, including site admins, better security, faster site load times, and a user-friendly dashboard. 

Scala Hosting Company has over 50,000 clients, 700,000 websites hosted, and one monthly money-back guarantee. 

Its affiliate program is an independent program that includes a tiered commission structure. As an affiliate, you can make up to $200 per sale, making this affiliate program an excellent high ticket affiliate program. 


ClickBank: A Friendly affiliate program

No one can deny the importance of e-commerce, especially after the emergence of the covid-19 pandemic. It is the need of the hour and convenient to do business through electronic networks like the internet. People prefer to buy and sell goods through an online platform, and the company is increasing day by day. Over the last few years, e-commerce has transformed the nature of doing business. In 2020, it was estimated that more than two billion people purchased goods and services, and retail sales surpassed $4 trillion in just one year worldwide. You can also become part of this online business community. If you own a blog or website, you can monetize it by becoming part of big names; you just need to join their affiliate programs. You can earn money in the form of commissions. So, this article provides you a comprehensive guide on the ClickBank affiliate program, a well-established global internet retailer and affiliate marketplace. 

What is affiliate marketing?

It is estimated that by 2022, the affiliate marketing industry surpass the huge benchmark of $8 billion. Affiliate marketing is a gateway for passive income, and you promote products and, in return, earn a commission. It is the process of making money every time you promote products or services of a company and drive a sale. 

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a marketplace for the world’s best marketers and innovative product owners to build businesses. It was founded in 1998 and has about six million clients worldwide; it is one of the largest internet retailers. You can earn money by joining ClickBank as a product vendor or affiliate marketer. 

Clickbank affiliate program

More than one hundred thousand affiliates are ClickBanks’s vast marketplace and promote top performing, compliant products and earn handsome amounts of money in the form of commissions. ClickBank is the middleman between vendors of digital products and affiliate marketers. ClickBank is the best option for bloggers and digital content creators who love to promote digital products. 

Why should you join the ClickBank affiliate program?

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in marketing, ClickBank gives opportunity to earn a commission, so it is never the wrong time to join the ClickBank affiliate program. More than $4f billion commissions have been made by ClickBanks’s affiliates in twenty years. 

  • You should choose the ClickBank affiliate program because of its ever-evolving inventory of quality digital and physical goods. 
  • Due to profit and reliability, it is one of the best affiliate programs, pays commissions on time, and has never missed a payment in twenty years.
  • ClickBank pays up to 90 percent commission, and it is some of the highest commission rates. 
  • It pays its affiliates on time and gives credit on every sale that you made.
  • ClickBank affiliate program also enables you to interact with leading affiliate marketers, enhancing your online business skills. 

click bank

Pros And Cons Of Clickbank

Pros of ClickBank

  • ClickBank affiliate program pays up to 70% commission on various products. 
  • Payments can be received on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and it depends on you. 
  • It is friendly for new affiliates and helps beginners to enhance their skills.
  • It is an international affiliate program and offers you the opportunity to work with big names and offers vast exposure regarding marketing. 
  • It has thousands of products in different categories that mean many niches and a lot of opportunities. 

Cons of ClickBank

  • ClickBank affiliate program is not strict towards new affiliates, which means fraudsters can jeopardize the network’s relationship with advertisers and vendors.
  • It offers high commissions, which also attract scammers and spammers. 
  • There is heavy competition on popular products.

How to join the ClickBank affiliate program?

To join ClickBank, you have to create your ClickBank account to become a ClickBank affiliate. The first step is to get an employer identification number, and it is free and easy. In the second step, you have to choose your niche, which means to decide what kind of products you want to promote. Step three is to build a platform to promote products of place that you have already selected. Then in step four, you need to grow your audience to promote products. And after the tracking of data in step six, your commissions are directed into your account, and you receive your payment. 

Is ClickBank legit?

Yes, ClickBank is legit. Suppose you own a website and want to promote a digital product as an affiliate. In that case, you should check the ClickBank affiliate program. It offers exceptionally high commissions per sale. It provides a wide range of digital products that you can promote and generate revenue. It is a reliable and profitable affiliate program.

Payment methods

ClickBank pays high commissions up to 75% – 90% without any delay in money transfer. In addition, ClickBank offers various payment method options. For example, payments can be made through wire transfer, Payoneer, direct deposit, or pay pal. 

Customer support policy

The ClickBank affiliate program offers its customers a reliable support system that helps its affiliates to select good, profitable products to promote. It also provides promotional material, banners, and text links to promote products. It also helps to enhance the skill to boost campaign performance by tracking keywords that lead to actual sales. If you have any kind of difficulty, then you can seek help through text or email. 

web hosting

9 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs 2022

Web Hosting is one of the most profitable affiliate marketing verticals available in the market. There are thousands of Web Hosting affiliate programs, but we have tried to explain best for affiliates. So, in this post, we have put together some of the best Web hosting affiliate programs where you can make up to 7,000 dollars in commission for every client you refer. 

9 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

  • Bluehost 

Bluehost is a popular Web Hosting website with an excellent affiliate program, launched in 2003. From our findings, Bluehost has paid over $5 million in the last year alone to affiliate partners in exchange for conversions. This means Bluehost is an incredible opportunity for everyone aiming to join an affiliate program. Besides, this program allows affiliates to plant assets on their website. That means they compose items like a domain generator that affiliates can produce on their website. Then, when customers use it and purchase it, you get a commission. 

  • Commission: up to $65 per sale
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  •   Hostinger 

Hostinger is another well-known and long-lived Web hosting affiliate program with more than 28 million users worldwide. They include affiliate control panels that allow users to track their engagement levels comfortably and optimize their campaigns for higher conversion rates. 

As an affiliate, you can receive your payments through PayPal or a bank transfer. Besides, payments will be made monthly basis, which is very good. 

  • Commission: 60% commission per sale
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • WP Engine

If you are running a stuff-related WordPress, you must check out the WP Engine affiliate marketing program. Their affiliate program offers the highest commissions and makes it very straightforward to earn bonus commissions on top of your consistent ones. 

Moreover, WP Engine’s affiliate program includes excellent cookie duration, which is much longer than other affiliate programs. 

  • Commission: $200 per sale 
  • Cookie Duration: 180 days

web hosting

  • Kinsta 

Kinsta is one of the most popular affiliate programs run by WordPress. They offer the highest commissions according to what hosting plans you can get customers to purchase. This program gives its affiliates a permanent 10% commission, which means an affiliate refers a client to Kinsta. They remain a customer with the site; the affiliate makes a commission of 10% of everything that clients purchase. 

  • Commission: $50-500 according to plan clients purchases, additionally 10% monthly recurring commissions
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days
  • HostGator 

HostGator is another excellent Web Hosting affiliate program founded in 2002. They are currently the world’s most popular Web Hosting service providers, with so many clients and offices around the globe.

In addition, HostGator’s affiliate program uses a commission structure depending on affiliates’ performance; the more sales they get per month, the more commissions they earn per lead.

  • Commission: $65-125 per month
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days
  • DreamHost 

DreamHost is one of the best Web Hosting sites, being launched way back in 1997. They offer an excellent affiliate program which is managed by WordPress. They have an incredible selection of pre-made banners and a user-friendly dashboard. This affiliate program is straightforward to use and straightforward to make a commission with. 

  • Commission: $15-200 per conversion
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days
  • FatCow 

FatCow is another well-known Web Hosting service that generally tries to have a more client-friendly approach to offering web hosting services. This site always works to simplify things as much as they are for end clients. This also assists affiliates with an item that is straightforward to understand and straightforward to sell. 

  • Commission: $25-65 per sale 
  • Cookie Duration: Unlisted
  • A2 Hosting 

A2 Hosting is another impressive Web Hosting affiliate program that offers solid opportunities for affiliates. They offer their services at a reasonable price yet reliable. They provide custom coupon codes that are excellent for growing them on YouTube channels. There are hundreds of positive feedbacks available on the internet from verified customers about the credibility and integrity of this affiliate program. Their registration is absolutely free. They are highly focused on performance and affordability instead of bells and whistles. 

  • Commission: $85-$140+$5 two-tier commissions
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown
  • Flywheel 

Flywheel is mainly focused on designers and companies. They are trendy as “high-end WordPress hosting” and begin at $14 each month. It has an outstanding affiliate program that offers high conversion rates and impressive commission rates to its affiliates. 

Furthermore, Flywheel will pay up to 300% of the first month’s payment and $500 for each referral and any of your web hosting plans. In case you clients your web hosting plans. In case your clients use a promotional code or a coupon, the payment will be managed accordingly. Besides, they hold affiliates’ prices for 3 months for a monthly plan and 1 month for a yearly plan. Affiliates can receive their earnings directly into their PayPal account in the initial days of every month. 

They also offer excellent customer service to their customers in any sort of situation.

  • Commission: $45-500
  • Cookie Duration: unlisted



7 Best Dog Affiliate Programs For Pet Bloggers In 2022 

American Pet Association has claimed that pet industry expenditures in America have rapidly grown from $44 billion in 2009 to an estimated $75 billion in 2022. There is a massive increase in spending of nearly $31 billion within just a decade. There is no doubt that the pet industry is rapidly growing and booming, with various services such as concierges and designer pet wear organizations occurring everywhere. 

So, if you are really passionate about dogs and already running a pet-related website or blog followers. You should suggest some fantastic products to your visitors and make money at the same time.

In this article, we have put together the 7 best dog affiliate programs you definitely like to check out for earning more with your audience source 

7 Best Dog Affiliate Programs


Ruffwear is a top-rated company that mainly focuses on high-end performance dog clothing. United States families increasingly replace human kids with furry kids. Besides, this brand is becoming more and more omnipresent. These products includes automatically developed dog backpacks, dog life vests, and dog jackets, among others. 

Moreover, Ruffwear also offers performance dog gear that allows dog owners to adventure with their dogs. Their product’s average order cost hangs around $85. Its affiliate program also provides decent commission rates that make becoming a part of the program worthwhile. 

  • Commission: 8% 
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days is another well-known company working in the market for a year and providing top-level products to millions of dog owners. This company includes a wide range of dog grooming products, dry food, natural and organic foods for dogs, biscuits, treats, and toys, among others. 

Besides,’s affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs available in the market. Their affiliate program is absolutely free to join, which is managed through the Pepperjam affiliate network. This program also offers decent commission rates to its affiliates for promoting their products. 

  • Commission: Varies by product
  • Cookie Duration: Unlisted


PetPlate is an incredible affiliate program that offers 99.99% human-quality dog meals. Their meals include various healthy ingredients like fruits, vegetables USDA, and supplements. They also use top-level veterinary nutritionists to put these dishes together, increasing the dogs’ nutrients. This company also offers shipping services, which means you do not have to up your purchase. 

Additionally, PetPlate offers a wide selection of subscription plans. They also include beef, chicken, lamb, and turkey-based meals. So, affiliates can comfortably find something to craft material from for their website audience. 

Its affiliate program is managed through the ShareASale affiliate network.

  • Commission: $50 per sale
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days


PetCube offers cameras by which stay away pet owners can watch their beloved pets. In addition, their cameras permit pet owners to communicate with their pets. This device allows owners to talk to their pets and have a built-in laser toy that pet lovers can control through an app on their smartphone to provide company to lonely and bored pets. 

Moreover, this program is also known as the category leader for connected pets. Their affiliate program offers high commission rates to its affiliates. 

  • Commission; 10%
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days



TruDog is a leading company that offers dog treats, food and toppers, dog supplements for better health, dental care items, and more. They also include meal plan services for a healthy life of pets, grooming products, and accessories. 

In addition, if you are running a website or blog that drives the intended audience each month, we highly suggest you join this affiliate program. Their affiliate program offers a 10% commission per qualified purchase. Besides, affiliates will also have access to all the promotional tools to promote their products. 

  • Commission: 10% 
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days

Dog Is Good 

The dog is Good is another well-known dog company out there on the earth. Every dog owner loves their dog more than anything else. So, this brand assists you in displaying your love towards your dogs by offering top-level home accessories. 

As an affiliate, you can join their affiliate program by visiting their website. Their affiliate program offers high conversion rates, impressive commissions, and more. They also include a support team to help affiliates out with any issue or query they might have in mind. 

  • Commission: 10% 
  • Cookie Duration: 120 days

CBD Essence 

CBD Essence is the world’s most popular dog brand, offering dog moms across the United States to relieve their dog’s anxiety, cancer symptoms, and more with THC-free marijuana items. Their affiliate program is best to join. They offer high commission rates and a long cookie duration period to their affiliates. Besides, CBD is a great item to display for affiliates well placed within the industry of experienced dog owners.

  • Commission: 20%
  • Cookie Duration: 180 days



Top 8 Best Software Affiliate Programs In 2022

If you want to monetize your website or blog with the best software affiliate program, then you are in the right place. Now, you have to dive into the ocean of the digital marketing field. Here, you need to choose the best affiliate program and promote other’s products to earn commissions. 

From our findings, the best software affiliate programs offer impressive commissions and have an excellent reputation in the market.

So, here in this post, we have put together top software affiliate programs you can choose from. 

Top 8 Best Software Affiliate Programs

NetSuit Affiliate Program

NetSuit aims to provide new opportunities for net developers and consultants working in B2B and B2C surroundings. They assist the net designers to improve their skills to train them in the front-end used enterprise and keep them away from the stupid actions actual workspace.

Furthermore, NetSuite bears the cost of commercialism, executing, and service companies that an affiliate marketer refers to the corporation and permits you to be a part of the referral partner program to make extra money. 

In addition, they also have the best combinations with Google AdWords, customer management, tracking tools, and others.

  • Commission: up to 10% 
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown

Norton Affiliate Program 

Norton is a well-known brand in the computer security market today, even though they began selling an instrument known as Norton Utilities in the 1980s. This brand was adopted by Systematic Corporation in 1990 and then launched their first antivirus protection item in 1991. Afterward, This company went on getting LifeLock and introduce the latest computer security items and suites frequently. 

Its affiliate program is managed CJ affiliate network. As an affiliate, you will make up to a 20% commission for Norton software. 

  • Commission: 20%
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days

My Choice Software

My Choice Software is another well-known company that sells fi software products from Microsoft, Corel, and Nuance. They also include everything you need for a small business, such as antivirus software, furniture, and printers. In addition, their affiliate program permits affiliates to sell their products and make good earnings. 

As an affiliate of My Choice Software, you can make up to 8% commission per sale. This means if you sell a product value of $387, you make $15 for each referral. 

  • Commission: up to 8% 
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days



Internet is no more a safe place for kids to stroll around independently for an extended period. Nowadays, most kids have their own mobile phones that can make it very tough for parents to keep them safe. That’s where Qustodio comes into action. This is a free parenteral control app that manages smartphones, windows, macOS, and iOS devices. 

In addition, Qustodio’s affiliate program is managed by Awin, so you should have an account with them. Their affiliates can make up to 20% commission per sale. Besides, up to 9% conversion rate and a very high approval rate. 

  • Commission: 20%
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days


NordVPN is the world’s largest virtual private network in the industry, providing protection for different devices and access to 5,700 servers in 59 countries. Their services can be bought at $3.10 per month. In addition, their affiliate partners can make up to 100% commission up of a monthly plan or 40% of a yearly plan. 

  • Commission: 40%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days


Spotmau is a well-known supplier of a utility tool mainly developed to monitor, configure, optimize, and renovate your computer system. This system connects to AN business leader offering the top computer products. Besides, they highly care about customer services and one-time sales items. They allow you to make extra money by assisting you with the issues and resolving them to remove the difficulties from your progress. 

This program is the best opportunity for you t make some extra income by selling their products. 

  • Commission: 30% recurring commission 
  • Cookie Duration: Unknown


AutoDesk is another popular organization that offers AutoCAD, Maya, Revit, and 3ds, among others. AutoDesk’s affiliate program allows affiliates to earn money from each sale produced by their website or blog. As an affiliate, the more deals you receive, the more commission you can make. 

Additionally, this company mainly focused on selling products to professional customers and small businesses. 

  • Commission: up to 5%-10% recurring commission 
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days


Veeqo is another excellent order and shipping management software for retailers. This program assists people in tracking and deal the shipping orders online. It also encourages people to specialize in multiple skills to instantly manage and synchronize inventory and offers across their website or blog and marketplace.

Moreover, Veeqo Company allows affiliates to ship more than one hundred orders and print labels with just a click. As an affiliate, you can make a 20% recurring commission per sale monthly. Besides, affiliates can receive their payouts on the 15th of every month. 

  • Commission: 20% 
  • Cookie Duration: Unlisted



Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon affiliate program, also known as “Amazon Associates,” is one of the best ways to monetize your website or blog. All you need is to sign-up, get prompt sign-up approval, and promote Amazon’s products links on your website or blog. So, when a customer makes a purchase through your promoted links, you receive the commission. 

So, in this post, we have explained a step-by-step guide to becoming an Amazon affiliate partner. 

What Is Amazon Affiliate Program? 

Amazon affiliate program, also called “Amazon Associates” is the world’s largest for affiliates, including more than 900,000 all around the world affiliates, website owners, bloggers, and influencers. It is absolutely free to join. As an affiliate, you can promote their goods and services on your websites or blogs by creating links. When someone makes a sale through your promoted link, affiliates make referral fees.

What Is Affiliate Marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is a process through which an affiliate makes a commission for promoting other’s or company’s products. As an affiliate, simply search for a product you love, then market that product and creates a piece of the commission from each sale you make. All the deals are followed through affiliate links from one website or blog to another. 

How Does The Amazon Affiliate Program Work? 

Basically, the Amazon affiliate program is a referral program that allows affiliates to promote their products and services of their interest on their sites. When a visitor of the website or blog follows an affiliate link and buyers a product, affiliate marketers get a commission of the sale. 

Affiliate Link 

Once you have sign-up with the Amazing affiliate program, you will have to create an Amazon affiliate link. Then, you can promote an Amazon link on your website or YouTube channel to prompt the audience to visit your advertised item within Amazon’s marketplace. 

Amazon Associates will use the link to track the number of customers governed from your website or blog. Your affiliate commission will be calculated according to the number of visitors. 

In addition, the commission rate varies according to the product category. So, for example, if you have a beauty blog or website, you can make a 10% commission per sale. So we recommend you make yourself informed about each and every category of Amazon’s products. 

How To Receive Money As An Amazon Associate

Amazon Associates affiliate partners can get their commissions every month. Generally, payments are released after 2 months following the buying date. So, suppose a visitor purchased a new air conditioner in August. In that case, the Amazon Associate will receive commission later than later October. There are three payment options available on Amazon: 

Direct Deposit

As an Amazon Associate, you must have to provide your banking details. At your given details, Amazon will directly deposit the payment once you make a minimum of $10. 


Amazon Associates must give Amazon a mailing address. Once you have provided the email address, Amazon will send the commissions to make $100. 


Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Cards will be sent to the affiliate’s email account once the affiliates make up to $10. 

Moreover, as an affiliate, you wouldn’t be able to get commission few sales like,

  • Before shipping order was canceled 
  • The order is not shipped correctly or is still pending
  • The system of Amazon affiliate program has marked the item as disqualified for commission

Pros of the Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Associates allows bloggers and content creators different ways to make money online with a gentle push of click of a button and a swipe of a credit card. As such, there are plenty of benefits of becoming an affiliate partner of the Amazon affiliate program:

Creating a new account with Amazon Associates is very simple. All you need is to provide basic information about your website or blog URL, banking information, and reasons for becoming a member.b

Amazon is a reliable and trustworthy retailer. This means customers are more likely to click the promoted affiliate link and purchase a new pair of jeans. So, you believe you will deal pretty as an Amazon affiliate. 

There are tens of thousands of products in different categories you can choose from. 

Amazon Associates also includes an incredible reporting system, so affiliates know what’s getting clicks and what’s vending.

Moreover, affiliates can receive direct deposit commissions into their bank account. 

Amazon affiliate program also provides excellent customer service to its buyers. 

It’s absolutely free to join and use


Amazon affiliate program offers low commission rates as compared to other affiliate programs. For example, they only provide 1%-10%. 

Their cookie duration period is only for 24-hours. That means if your customer doesn’t make a sale within 1 day, you will not get a commission. 

As an affiliate, you are not permitted to send affiliate links in emails.

Besides, if you are running a U.S.-based website or blog and selling products in the Amazon U.S. store, you wouldn’t receive a commission for referring someone who ends up making a sale from another country. 

Does not include the PayPal option


Best Pet Affiliate Programs

This post is for you if you’re seeking some of the greatest affiliate programs in the pet care field right now.

Affiliate marketers are always on the hunt for products that are evergreen and can be sold on a large scale. Aside from health, relationship, and finance, affiliate marketers should also take advantage of the pet care sector. Everyone adores their dogs, and some pet owners treat them like children. As a result, many pet owners are willing to spend ridiculous amounts of money caring for their furry family members, creating a big potential for individuals wishing to start a business in this stable market.

Pet Affiliate Programs


Chewy is the first on our list of the best pet affiliate programs since it offers over 1,000 brands and items for any type of pet you can think of. Chewy will undoubtedly have something for you, no matter what pet specialty you’re writing about.

Rate of commission: $20 per sale

15-day cookie duration


Ollie is a monthly subscription box service that prepares delicious, healthy meals for your dog. Another reason we appreciate this service is because the food is all manufactured using human-grade ingredients, which will appeal to many dog owners.

Rate of commission: $60 per sale

Cookie life span: 30 days, a leading dog bed manufacturer, offers items that are not only comfy but also fashionable. These beds, which resemble charming throw rugs, are constructed of memory foam, which older or injured dogs may appreciate.

The commission charged is 20%.

Cookie life span: 30 days

Zooplus UK

Zooplus is a UK-based online pet supplies supplier with over 8,000 products in stock and ready to ship at any moment. These include a wide choice of pet food, accessories, and even medical supplies for use at home.

Commissions range from 2% to 3% for each sale.

45-day cookie duration


Muttropolis sells high-quality pet products such as dog collars, dog beds, cat and dog feeders, and apparel. Muttropolis opened its doors in the Cedros Design District of Solana Beach, California, in 2002, driven by a desire to provide the best.

12 percent commission rate

Cookie life span: 120 days


My Bully Sticks

My Bully Sticks is an online business run by a family that specializes in high-quality, all-natural dog treats. Bully sticks are the company’s expertise, but they’ve expanded to offer a variety of innovative and healthful foods for dogs and cats.

The commission rate is 8% of monthly sales.

Cookie life span: 30 days


Petco has become a household name in the pet market, generating over $4.1 billion in revenue in 2019. This is one program where you will find the right things for your affiliate content because the business sells anything from pet products and services to various types of live animals.

The commission charged is 8% for each sale.

Cookie life span: 7 days


TruDog sells a wide range of products, including supplements, food, and even dental care. They also feature a bespoke subscription meal planner for individuals who don’t want to worry about their pets running out of food.

ten percent commission rate

Cookie life span: 90 days

Pet Care Supplies

Pet Care Supplies concentrates on dog health supplies rather than standard pet products. Most dog owners are aware that their pets will require treatment for fleas, ticks, and other parasites at some point throughout their lifetimes. Pet Care Supplies carries a wide selection of pet shampoos, flea and tick collars, and oral hygiene treatments from well-known brands, including Frontline, Advantage, and Capstar.

ten percent commission rate

Cookie life span: 60 days

Pet Pro Supply co.

Pet Pro is an excellent alternative for regular pet owners who want the best doors, cages, or travel boxes for their friends while catering mostly to dog trainers, vets, and groomers. They’re experts who provide high-quality products for both pet owners and professionals, and they ship worldwide.

4 percent commission rate

15-day cookie duration


Yumwoof’s natural dog kibble is made with high-quality ingredients to provide delicious meals for your readers’ pets without the high cost.

15 percent commission rate

45-day cookie duration


Cherrybrook has over 13,000 pet goods to pick from, so you’ll have plenty of options for affiliate material. They are also among the few retailers that allow users to shop by breed to locate suitable pet products, with grooming products, health supplies, reading materials, and gift items for pets.

8 percent commission rate

Cookie life span: 90 days

Pet Warehouse

Pets Warehouse is one of the few programs that offers such a diverse selection of products. This pet supply behemoth has over 45,000 items, some of which cost upwards of $3,000 or more. You will undoubtedly discover things to promote within their program, as the shop’s selection is continually expanding.

8 percent commission rate

Cookie life span: 10 days