10 Best Affiliate Programs for Pinterest 

These 10 best affiliate programs all have outstanding attributes that make them ideal for Pinterest. Pinterest is the well-known world’s best platform for affiliate marketers because they are permitted to post affiliate links on Pinterest. This platform enables marketers to grow their business without having any blog. 

So, in this article, we are going to lead you through some of the best affiliate programs and for Pinterest. 

10 Best Affiliate Programs for Pinterest

  • Wayfair
  • Fine Art America
  • Priceline
  • BH Photo Video
  • Blick Art Materials
  • Sonos
  • Home Chef
  • Garden Tower
  • Amazon
  • Elizabeth Arden

Wayfair ( Home Decor)

Wayfair is famous on Pinterest because people love creating boards full of home ornament ideas. This program offers reasonable prices, user-friendly options, and a wide catalogue of furniture, indoor and outdoor furniture, Kitchen items, ornament items, carpet, storage products and many other products. This means there are so many items affiliates can make money from promoting on their websites. Besides, they can make money by promoting them directly on their pins. Here are the key points of this program:

Commission: 7%

EPC: $176.30

7days duration of Cookies

Fine Art America (Art)

There are various Pinterest Art Boards that have a wide range of visitors coming from a few people all the way up to tens of thousands. The audience discusses various topics such as ranging from classic art all the way up to the creations of modern artists. We can safely say that tens of thousands of artists are using Pinterest as part of their digital portfolios.

Fine Art America is the best option to monetize your website traffic because it has active membership on Pinterest. All you need is to do select a sub-niche within art, and you can start work within your affiliate Pins.

Commission: 8%

EPC: $115.80

Cookie Duration: 30 Days


From our experience, travelling is not a vertical anyone would connect with Pinterest.

Until people know that everybody and their parents take pictures while on travelling or vocation. The number of pictures has been increased since the innovation of advanced mobile devices.

Hence, people can monetize their interest in travelling by becoming a member of the Priceline affiliate program. They can assist people to find out their desired locations by Pins of exotic locations. Affiliates can earn up to 3% commission with this affiliate program.

BH Photo Video (Photography)

As per our review, BH Photo Video is an American based equipment retailer initially developed in 1973. BH Photo Video conducts business via buyer sales, business to business sales and its single retail location. Affiliates can connect with this affiliate program via their websites, retail sales, cell phone sales, email address and live chat.

Being an affiliate marketer, you can earn up to 8% commission on all the sales.


Blick Art Materials

If you want to become a member of any affiliate program of Pinterest then Blick Art is one of the best affiliate programs in arts and crafts supplies. This program offers all the items such as paints, brushes and canvas.

As an affiliate marketer, you can make up to a 3% commission per sale.

Commission: 3%

EPC: $18.29

Cookie Duration: only 1 day


As per our review, Sonos is a well-known known US developer and manufacturer of audio products. This is popular for its multi-room audio products. There are tens of thousands of people are using these gadgets like 30 million people. This means many affiliates are promoting from ClickBank tech items to items available on Amazon.

Sonos affiliate program offers up to 8% on each sale referred via their platform.

Commission: 8%

EPC: $75.92

Cookie Duration: 24 hours a day

Home Chef

Everyone loves to take pictures of their meals and sharing them on social media platforms. Mostly they share on Instagram and Pinterest.

Besides, you will see there are hundreds of Pins covering meal recipes and dieting. So if you have followers attentive in making healthy eating and delicious food waiting for you to inaugurate them to a source. You can become a member of Home Chef and makeup to 10% commission on all referrals sent via your website or pin.

Garden Tower Project

Urban and suburban garden farmers are growing rapidly all over the world. But there are plenty of people interested in plantations and flowers inside gardens. The Garden Tower Project will attract Pinterest users and visitors.

Affiliates can make up to $40 in affiliate commission by selling a single service on Garden Tower Project.


Embark is a pet-related affiliate program that helps people to maintain the health of their pets. They can ask for a DNA test for their friend to know if they’re at risk of getting the disease or not.

There are over 20 million people who pin pictures and videos of their dogs and puppies. So, Embark affiliate program pays you a $19 commission per sale and gives 30 days for cookie duration.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta is a leading language product available on market. The platform teaches users to know by visual association, which perfectly matches the visual nature of Pinterest.

You can earn up to a 7% commission per sale by a single link on your website.


5 Best Affiliate Programs For Pinterest

Online advertising on Pinterest is among the most effective ways to earn money online. I’ve made a list of top affiliate programs for Pinterest that you can use to easily promote on Pinterest to help you succeed in affiliate marketing.

Because you CAN publish affiliate links on Pinterest, it’s one of the finest sites for affiliate marketers. Everybody else despises affiliate links and will stop at nothing to eliminate them. Pinterest, on the other hand, welcomes them with open arms.

Is it capable of generating passive income on Pinterest? It’s one of our customers’ and many other Pinterest users’ most often asked questions.

Yes, it is correct!

I’m also working on it. As a result, I’ll be able to lead you in the right direction.

I strongly advise you to join every affiliate program listed on this page and begin earning money with affiliate marketing.

  1. 3D Cart

3DCart is a system that provides customers with complete online and eCommerce solutions.

You can inform customers that wish to market their goods online and need a dependable ecommerce platform, in which case 3D Cart is the perfect option.

You can make up to 300 percent commission for any referrals you send to 3DCart if you join the 3DCart affiliate program.

Start earning money with Pinterest by joining the 3DCart affiliate program.

Simply pin eCommerce solutions and include your affiliate link in the description. Now you may share your favorites on Pinterest group

  1. Joybird

Sofas, rockers, bedroom furniture, desks, storage, and decorations are all available made-to-order from Joybird.

Buyers can select from a wide range of materials and colors, and they then produced the item to their specifications with 7% of commission and cookie duration for a week. 

All of the items are also spill-resistant, making them suitable for both children and pets, and they come with an unheard-of 365-day warranty.

Because their things are adjustable and they have excellent guarantees and refund policies, Joybird is an easy sell.

With Joybird, you’ll not only be responsible for converting successfully, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of one of the greatest sales prices and cookie lengths in the industry.

  1. is the latest online shopping cashback incentive site. It provides money rebates from over 3,000 businesses, as well as discounts and special offers!

Who doesn’t want to avoid spending money while shopping, and if you advertise DollarDig correctly, you may make loads of money by promoting DollarDig sign-ups?

Add pins that showcase DollarDig’s exclusive offers and perks.

If your pin starts to gain a lot of attention, you can anticipate a lot of commission to come your way.

At this time, DollarDig is only admitting publishers from the United States, and a valid sign-up costs $2.00.

Start advertising on Pinterest by joining DollarDig today. 

  1. Belle & June

Belle & June is an interior design retailer that offers over 7000 pieces from leading home decor brands, including Mode Living, Costa Nova, Pacifica Connections, Arte Italica, and Zentique.

Furniture, decor, bath accessories, tabletop, baby & child, and gifts are among the categories available.

With a commission of 12% and a cookie span of one month.

Belle & June is a good choice for Pinterest affiliate marketing because they pay out good royalties in the home decor business and have a wonderful average purchase size of $250-$500, which implies you’ll earn around $30-$60 each sale.

Every month, new things are introduced, and several of the items offered online are not available in stores, providing you some uniqueness.

Members of our site can make Real Cash by doing things they enjoy, such as signing up for free exclusive deals, visiting amazing websites, reading e-mails, shopping online, and more… Then, they’ll be rewarded with cash!


  1. has the greatest digital accommodation choices, covering hotels, vacation rentals, flights, rental cars, airport taxis, railways, tree houses, and more.

It describes itself as the “world’s most well-known online lodgings booking network.”

The amount of commission you earn varies depending on how many bookings you make each month. It begins at 25% of the commission earned by and increases from there.

Click here for more information about commissions.

The cookie expires when the browser is closed.

Affiliates may add the search box to their website using the WordPress plugin, making it incredibly simple to provide a robust booking tool on your website.

Affiliates may add the search field to their site using the WordPress plugin, made it extremely simple to provide a robust booking tool on your site.

The plugin has a lot of added features, so it will fit in well with your website. You can also select which attributes should be displayed.


So, I hope you’ve discovered some great affiliate networks through which you can start generating money using Pinterest.

Simply choose an affiliate program from the list above, create a pin, and begin spreading the word on Pinterest. Your commissions will start to arrive as soon as your pins begin to receive repins and interaction.

I urge you to understand the top 6 ways to double your affiliate revenue now that you know how to construct an affiliate marketing website and have top affiliate programs mentioned here.

Make your pins exciting and attractive and improve the Pin description by adding important hashtags to get more repins and interaction.