8 Best Online Courses Affiliate Programs for Steady Sales

If you want to learn any specific skill, then digital courses are perfect for you. Digital courses are also very much profitable for course creators that bring them together. People can make huge earnings from these services by becoming a member of online courses affiliate programs. 

If you promote these online courses, you assist to attach people with online courses they can utilize to learn advanced skills. These skills can help you to earn money or even grow your own business. 

Hence, in this article, we have explained some online courses affiliate programs that you can learn.


Coursera collaborates with plenty of universities and agencies to provide a wide range of online courses affiliate programs. You can earn money and explore online degree options too. 

Moreover, Coursera offers tens of thousands of free online courses such as on-demand video, tutorials, daily exercises, and debate forums. It also offers some paid courses like projects, quizzes, and a degree after completion of the course. 

Comments: 45%

Cookie Duration: One Month


Over 100,000 online video courses are available on Udemy. These topics almost cover anything that you can think of. Most of the topics are related to the business. However, there are plenty of different entertainment courses such as bread baking, learning to play the ukulele and many others. 

Moreover, Udemy is a popular affiliate program around the world tens of thousands of people have joined this brand. This affiliate page of this program does not provide much information in terms of commission per sale and cookie Duration. 

Commission: not disclosed

Cookie Duration: not much information is available 


Teachable is an affiliate program that enables everyone to create their personal online courses. The platform offers so many outstanding features like the inclusion of videos, pictures, text, audio and PDF files. People can also get completion certificates, lectures, video completion, and quizzes. If you are using this platform, then you will not need to worry about your payments. You can offer coupons and promotions besides the latest payment options. 

From our experience, Teachable is one of the best online courses affiliate programs which offers outstanding attributes. The platform also provides recurring commissions which are quite brilliant. 

Teachable offers a 30% recurring commission and 90 days for cookie duration. 


Pluralsight offer a wide variety of online courses most of which are related to technology. They offer online courses related to various tech topics such as Python, Information Technology, SQL and many others. 

From our experience, all these courses are perfect for experienced web tech professionals that aim to enhance their skills and get higher ranks in their positions at work. 

This is the world’s best program that focuses on tech-related courses. This means you can select any one technology niche for convenient conversion. 

Commission: $5 for a free trial, 50% for 30 days subscription, 10% for a premium membership

Cookie Duration: not disclosed yet


Simplilearn offers a wide variety of online courses in digital economy training. People can get courses related to various verticals such as digital marketing, science, cybersecurity and many more. 

Many agencies also use this affiliate program for training employees in different ways. 

Skill learning is very popular in the technology field right now. Many people in this field are looking to learn advanced programming languages, new software and more. Besides, this platform provides certificates for many skills. 

Commission: 10% Per sale

Cookie Duration: one month

Permaculture Skills Center

Permaculture Skills Center is an online educational school aimed at providing information in ecological landscaping, permaculture, and few others. Besides, this platform offers a wide variety of online courses like land maps, agroforestry, and more. Permaculture Skills Center is one of the most popular and unique niches across the globe. 

Commission: 40% per sale

Cookie Duration: no information available yet


Creative Life

Creative Live includes plenty of courses in various verticals such as photography, video completion, art, singing, audio and many others. 

These topics are perfect for creative people who want to earn money from their creative skills. 

We can ensure that this is one of the best online course affiliate programs to grow if you wish to target creative people. 

Commission: 20% for beginners, 10% return customers and $10 for referred affiliate links

One month for cookie Duration

DJ Courses Online

DJ Courses Online offers full training to become a DJ. All the courses are designed by experienced professionals within the DJ market. This network covers a wide variety of courses like the latest DJ skills, how to DJ masterclass and many others. 

Besides, they offer a minimum monthly subscription, annual subscription and a lifetime payment option to get these courses. 

Users will be targeting particular visitors and are confident to attain consistent conversions. 

Commission: 50% beginner’s membership and 50% recurring

Cookie Duration: no information available yet

We recommend you focus on a particular vertical and grow courses specific to your niche.