Top 8 Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs Of 2022

Credit Card affiliate programs belong to a niche where you can scrap over millions of dollars worth of business. If you want to earn massive amounts, this niche can be speedy and perfect for some impressive commissions.  Many affiliates are using this affiliate program claimed to make over 5-figure monthly commissions. So, in this post, you will read the 8 best credit card affiliate programs.

8 Best Credit Cards Affiliate Programs

  • FlexOffers

FlexOffers is the world's most extensive affiliate program, with more than 11,000 active publishers and distributors. Currently, they include more than 500 affiliate programs that specialize in affiliate credit card programs.  They provide affiliates access to multiple credit card affiliate programs. They primarily work with promoters you wouldn’t get anywhere else. They help their publishers via an advanced dashboard, easy-to-understand content, and auto-generated reports.  Besides, FlexOffers provide you a different way to make more money via second-tier commission.
  • Commission: $16-$400 per conversion
  • Cookie Duration: 10-45 days
  • Programs offered: CPA, CPS 
  • CJ. Com

CJ affiliate program is working for more than 30 years and offering extraordinary commissions. This program provides advertisers who are fascinated by credit card affiliate programs address permission to some of the biggest brands in the market. Besides, it includes major retailers like Overstock, Lowe's, and Zappos, all have offers published here. Publishers are further helped by an advanced analytics system, a massive selection of APIs, and fantastic cookies less tracking tools. 
  • Commission: $1-$140 
  • Cookie: according to offer
  • Payment method: PayPal, Payoneer, Check, FedEx Check
  • Programs: CPA, CPS, CPL, and Pay Per Call
  • is another well-known affiliate and reseller program mainly focused on finance and credit card offers. They include various options for a publisher, such as loan products, credit cards, and financial services.  Despite the smaller size compared to other credit card affiliate programs, they have engaged publishers from the world's largest companies. Helps its affiliates via a proprietary network. Being an affiliate on this affiliate program, you will have access to the latest account management options, tracking system, and more. 
  • Commission: varies according to advertisers.
  • Cookie: set by advertisers
  • Capital Bank (OpenSky)

OpenSky is one of the most popular and secured credit card affiliate programs managed through Capital Bank. It is a secured credit card affiliate program that assists you in growing your credit card record.  Moreover, OpenSky permits you to choose your credit limit and protect the limit by making a once refundable deposit.  From our findings, this program is one of the best and secured affiliate programs. They offer a $25 commission per funded account and 30 days cookie duration. As an affiliate, you will also get full access to marketing tools like banners and links. 
  • Commission: $25 per funded account
  • Cookie: 30 days
  • Experian

Experian is known as a leading supplier of financial reports and loans offers. They offer a wide variety of services, including credit reports, debt reductions planning, car loans, and many others. Currently, Experian’s affiliate program is managed by the CJ affiliate network.  Moreover, as a publisher with financial websites, you can use their credit scores and reports as a helpful instrument to their customers.  Experian’s affiliate program offers a variable percentage for each referred customer. 
  • Commission: make up to 20% of the revenue created by your users
  • Cookie period: 45 days
  • Available Program: CPS
  • TransUnion

TransUnion provides a wide range of credit protection services to clients, containing credit reports and protection and prompt security alerts. Being a part of this affiliate program, you can convert your audience toward the trials it paid financial items.  Moreover, publishers will be able to get tracking tools to run their affiliation in the affiliate program. 
  • Commission: $20 per $1 7-day trial, $45 per paid items
  • Cookie: 45 days
  • Credit Karma 

Credit Karma is a credit monitoring service that allows clients a one-stop look at their financial situation. In addition, they offer suggestions and advice about 3rd party services.  Credit Karma's affiliate program is run through the CJ affiliate program. It pays a flat commission for each client you refer.  Affiliates get paid up to $.25 commission per sign-up on this platform. They also offer a high conversion rate because of the impressive and free-of-cost features. 
  • Commission: $.25 per sign up
  • Cookie: 45 days
  • Program: CPA
  • Bankrate 

Bankrate Credit Card System is a well-known platform developed to assist website owners in driving more visitors and, in return, more revenue. Being an affiliate with this affiliate program, you will be given full access to all the necessary tools for maintaining a high conversion rate.  Moreover, you will also get access to the affiliate account manager, instant commission payouts, and more. Affiliates are also supported with tracking tools and data feed for business experience.
  • Commission: Variable
  • Cookie: unknown