Top 7 Best Websites With Affiliate Programs To Promote In 2022

Everybody wants to become their own boss and to work their own timing. Working from home is a distinctive edge for those of you who would rather pass the time with their households and enjoy their lives rather than pass day and night in a shop or a workplace. So, affiliate marketing is the perfect option for this situation. If you understand the above statement, it might be the best job for you.  Remember that becoming an affiliate marketer full-time takes a lot of time, hard work, and patience. However, if you can be consistent with it and really commit yourself, you could be making so much money.  So, in this post, we have put together the 8 best affiliate marketing website so you can choose to begin your journey to your dream job. 

7 Best Websites With Affiliate Programs

  • Nerdwallet 

Nerdwallet is one the most popular affiliate websites worldwide, and there are so many affiliates who would tell confirm you the same. They are working for a long time, doing extremely well in one of the most competitive markets, and the content is really helpful.  Basically, Nerdwallet is a review affiliate website that offers financial products. They aim to manage everything from mortgages to credit cards to investing. In addition, Nerdwallet has unique content, a great user dashboard, and an excellent marketing team. 
  • Niche: Customer Finance
  • Objective: Assist affiliates to choose the best credit cards, loans, and many more
  • Key Challenge: Highly competitive industry

How Affiliates Make Money

Nerdwallet offers a 100% legit affiliate program. However, they do not offer any ads nor permit the sale of any of their products. 
  • Money-Saving Expert

Money-Saving Expert aimed at helping people to make better financial decisions. They were developed by Martin Lewis, a financial journalist, back in 2003. Currently, this website is known as the world's largest consumer affiliate within the United Kingdom, with over 8 million visitors. In addition, Money Saving Expert includes quality content and devotion to assisting clients. This website was sold to back in 2012 for €87 million. 
  • Niche: Personal Finance
  • Developer: Martin Lewis
  • Objective: to assist common people in making perfect and useful financial decisions

How They Offer Money

Money-Saving Expert has only one monetization method and that of affiliate links. Therefore, they do not allow or accept ads, links, sponsor posts, or paid items.  MSE includes a list of coupons and offers for plenty of retailers, getting a commission from each sale. Besides, they maintain many pages listing the best products like credit cards. But, again, they deduct a commission from each sale. 
  • The Wirecutter 

The Wirecutter is another famous review affiliate website that includes electronics, gadgets, and consumer goods. This site was initially developed by Brian Lam, the former editorial director of Gizmodo.  In addition, Wirecutter was initially developed in 2011, and currently, it has considered one of the best websites online. It has gathered tons of love, even having a story in NYTimes. 
  • Niche: customers products reviews
  • Builder: Brian Lam
  • Main Objective: To assist common people in getting the top product in every consumer category

How Affiliates Make Money

The Wirecutter uses different tactics and tools to monetize, such as best of goods and services pages for each category are their bread and butter. In addition, each product or service comes with an affiliate Amazon link. 
  • Dating Advice

Dating Advice is a very lucrative affiliate website that includes so many scamsters and spammy sites. These sites are made to convey traffic to affiliate offers.  This site is absolutely neat and clean and does not include the corrupt side that interprets many other dating sites. 
  • Niche: offers dating advice and dating site reviews
  • Objective: Aimed at helping people to enhance their dating skills
  • Main Challenge: To compete with a niche filled with spam and sleazy

How Affiliates Make Money

Dating Advice makes “Best of” lists for the top android apps, sites, and products for dating, receiving a commission from any sales or registration.

PCP Part Picker is not just another website focusing on “ best X” Keywords. Instead, they have made something that gives such high value it actually promote itself. In addition, this site is basically an instrument for common people who want to make their own computers. They help people in buying computers based on performance and budget. 
  • Niche: Computers
  • Objective: help people make gaming computers

How They Make Money

Affiliates can custom-build their personal PCs and then order parts by clicking on the affiliate link. 

   6. is another affiliate marketing website with only 7 pages that assist people in selecting between two of the most famous automation tools on the market. These automation tools include Ontraport and Infusion soft. In addition, this site is very much a masterclass in making high-quality and impressive product reviews. 
  • Niche: automation products reviews
  • Objective: to assist people in selecting between Infusion Soft and Ontraport
  • Solid Affiliate

This affiliate website offers a 20% commission per sale, including those sales done by the referred customers in the upcoming time. This means, if, as an affiliate, you refer a client that spends £3,500 a month with the SOLVID affiliate site, so you will be getting £700 per month for as long as customers remain with us.  Solvid is basically one of the highest-paying affiliate programs in this field.