Top 6 Best Hosting Affiliate Programs

Whether you've been tracking most of the best website owners and bloggers, one piece of advice they've made is to see if your topic enables you to participate in web hosting affiliate programs.  Many people earn thousands of dollars in commissions by selling and marketing various web hosting companies. A specialty affiliate site or a coupon website is easy to develop Choose the one that is dependable, user-friendly, and well-known for its quality, rather than the one that pays the largest commission. I've compiled a list of the top web hosting affiliate programmes for you to join, along with reviews. These were picked for their payouts, dependability, and overall excellence.

1. Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost is a member of the EIG, making it comparable to the other hosting companies on this list. Bluehost is a popular web hosting platform because of its high-quality and low-cost services; as a result, its affiliate program is popular among bloggers wanting to make money. Bluehost has a flat fee system, with each sale paying $65 in commission. However, depending on how many recommendations you generate, the commission might reach $120. If you can drive volume sales, you can make a lot of money. If you promote their plans successfully and bring a significant number of referrals to their site, you may earn a greater rate. If you join the Bluehost affiliate program, your commission will be paid 45 days following the end of the month in which you made a qualifying transaction. 

2. Cloudways Affiliate Program

Cloudways is a new managed cloud hosting platform that pays associate marketers a regular fee plus a nice incentive for each successful referral. Cloudways is one of the best-paying affiliate networks, with up to $200 in earnings for each sale. Your commissions will increase as your performance improves. You may select between a performance-based compensation structure or a hybrid commission model, which is ideal if you're looking for a long-term investment. Cloudways is one of the top hosting affiliate programmes, with some of the greatest conversion rates, for all of these reasons.

3. Liquid Web Affiliate Program

Liquid Web is a market leader in managed premium hosting. Their customized WooCommerce and WordPress hosting are quick, safe, and dependable.  As an associate partner of LiquidWeb, they will give you a variety of fantastic incentives to assist you, direct clients, to them:
  • Customized commissions
  • Coupon codes that are only available to you
  • Landing pages with the same theme
  • Offers and deals that are unique

4. WP Engine Affiliate Program

WP Engine's affiliate program is one of the best, earning a minimum of $200 per transaction.  WP Engine is one of the most popular web hosting systems in the industry, and advertising them will ensure minimal reversal rates. You may also rest certain that you're promoting a high-quality product to your target market. Every sale will earn you a minimum of $200 under the scheme. No other program even comes close to matching that figure.  The program is meant to motivate affiliates to increase their sales. You may expect to earn more than $200 for each sale if you have a larger audience and can send over five people to the hosting service website. You'll get an extra $100 for every five sales you contribute with. You'll receive $250 if you make ten sales. You'll earn a staggering $1500 commission if 60 of your recommendations convert, totaling $15,475!

5. A2 Hosting Affiliate Program

It gives a  gift of 10 when you sign up. To get the money, you must reach the $100 threshold. A2 Hosting's commission is $85 per sale. Furthermore, when your conversions rise, so does your commission. Finally, for conversions greater than 31, you will be paid $140 per sale. hosting

6. BionicWP Affiliate Program

Because BionicWP intends to provide the same degree of hosting solution to all of its users, it provides a single hosting plan with different pricing levels. Users that want limitless website changes and Bionic speed can receive these as part of their hosting subscription.   Its hosting plan is the quickest because its servers are housed on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), the same area where Google's search engine servers are hosted its hosting plan is the quickest.   BionicWP managed WordPress advertising hosting program is the only genuinely managed WordPress hosting option for its customers for any affiliate marketer. Advantages:
  • For two years, you receive $75 plus a 12.5% recurring commission.
  • There is no minimum payment level for commissions.
  • You receive a 60-day cookie for managed hosting so you may receive credit for every transaction you mention
  • Earnings are paid once a 60-day conversion period has passed.
  • You will receive a comprehensive affiliate dashboard that will allow you to track your success down to $0.01 in commissions.
  • BionicWP provides all of the graphics, banners, and links you'll need to market our WordPress managed hosting service.