Top 10  Mobile app affiliate program That Make you Rich

The coming five years for the app development market are crucial. The tendency of increasing worth for the app market revolves around 407 billion dollars. Whereas the yearly growth rate is expected to be around 20%.  It brings us to a point, why you should start using it if you have not already. However, there are also some fascinating discoveries. To become an affiliate, you don't have to be an app developer; all you need is an audience who is interested in creating their apps. For your reading pleasure, we've compiled a list of the best 10 mobile app affiliate marketing offers. Let's get this party started.
  • Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) is designed for anyone who wants to utilize a decentralized office suite on a laptop, smartphone, or Chromebook. One that makes extensive use of cloud computing. The actual advantage is that your visitors may carry their value with them wherever they go. And they can access all of their documents, spreadsheets, and presentations through a single interface in formats that are 100 percent interoperable. URL: Commission:  per sale value 15 dollars EPC:  TBC Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Swiftic

Services that assist businesses typically have greater commission rates, and the Swiftic program is no exception. They provide you with all of the necessary tools, including app templates, to design and publish your app. All of this is just a click away due to their assistance. Whereas the total cost per month is less than $40. URL:  Commission: a total of 150 dollars EPC:  TBC Cookie duration: TBC
  • Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is a free open-source invoicing service with numerous features and apps. Users can log time, create expenditure reports, and invoice their clients using Invoice Ninja.  Some parts of the service are done on a computer, while others are done using an app, offering users a lot of options.


Commission: around 50 percent Cookie: not known 
  • Apple App Store

Instead, the technical behemoth decided to overhaul its program at the start of 2019. You can use this affiliate program to promote products that users buy on the App Store. Variety is the key reason for include apples on the list. You can use the affiliate program to promote any app on the App Store. There's a lot to select from, and it's a lot more powerful than having separate programs for different apps.
  • URL: 
  • Commission: estimated to be around 2.5 percent
  • Cookie: not known 
  • Instamobile

Mobile marketing has become an important part of the digital marketing mix. However, most organizations struggle to locate the tools they need to make app development less of a hassle. Because they aren't professional developers. This is where Instamobile comes into play. They provide small businesses and entrepreneurs with nearly everything they require to design and develop an app. URL:  Commission: around 30% EPC:  TBC Cookie duration: a month
  • Blink

Blinkist is a time-saving app for folks who don't have enough time to read everything they want. What if your visitors could access "Cliffs Notes" versions of everything from famous podcasts to best-selling nonfiction? That too in a 15–20-minute format? They're also willing to offer you a 20% profit on any pricing plan your readers join up for using your affiliate links. This will cost approximately $2.50 per sign-up. URL:   Commission:  20% EPC:  TBC Cookie duration: a month  mobile
  • Personal Capital

Personal Capital enables you to see, understand, and manage your money so that you can have a comfortable retirement. For summarizing your finnacial expenditure regularly, you can also use a single mobile app via accounts affiliation.Users also have access to free online money tools and insight-driven counseling. Key features of this app include; Free online money tools, clear visibility into your investments, and referral bonuses are just a few of the benefits of investing in personal capital. URL:  Commission:  not known Cookie: one month
  • Ebates

Ebates is one of the most renowned cashback website and mobile app utilized globally. The service's name has changed since it was acquired by Rakuten, but the basic ideas haven't changed. People may save money by using their services to get cashback and coupons at over 2,500 online businesses. Their mission is to make ordinary spenders into savvy shoppers by helping them get the most bang for their buck. Bonus point of getting started with Ebates: The service is a top-rated cashback website with no referral fees and freebies. URL:  Commission: Give $10, Get $25 Cookie: 1 year
  • Express VPN

VPNs are now an accepted part of our modern technological culture. With the increased knowledge of social media. Users are also aware of the no privacy constraint. Hence, it has become a myth to wish for internet privacy in the era of digital marketing.  Affiliates can earn up to $36 per sale through the Express VPN affiliate marketing program, which is operated in-house. However, as this is for an annual membership, don't expect to earn that much every referral. That is why about 57 percent of smartphone users have VPN mobile apps installed on their devices. As a result, this is an industry that is growing and might be highly beneficial for you to enter. URL:  Commission: a total of 36 dollars on each sale EPC:  TBC Cookie duration:  a month
  • Google’s G Suite

Google is a behemoth in the internet world, with a plethora of services and related apps. Many of Google's apps are pre-installed on new devices, making it an especially powerful firm to consider. Google's reputation and extensive range of products make it a formidable brand to market, which is why you should invest in this program.  Their ability to integrate their apps and services is also a significant benefit, allowing you to target both PC and smartphone consumers. URL:  Commission:  not known Cookie:  not known