The A – Z Of Godaddy Affiliate Program: Boost Your Income!

GoDaddy is a well-known business. They have a sizable advertising budget and excellent brand recognition. Though most people associate them with domain registrars, they also offer hosting, SSL certificates, and other associated services. As you know that GoDaddy is such a large and famous corporation, you should have no trouble convincing your readers that their services are worthwhile.  In this article, we'll look into the GoDaddy affiliate program, its pros and downsides, commissions, cookies, payment methods, and everything else you might be interested in learning about.

An Overview

The GoDaddy affiliate program is a fantastic addition to the domain name registrar. Despite its PR gaffes, GoDaddy is a popular domain name service, serving millions of clients each year. In addition, customers can offer their services on property domains. Alternatively, people might use the auction market to acquire domains that they actually desire for online initiatives and businesses. The GoDaddy checkout procedure is jam-packed with offers and upsells. This includes email service upsells, privacy protection, and marketing bonuses.

How to Participate in the GoDaddy Affiliate Program?

You can sign up for the GoDaddy program at Commission Junction. One significant feature of the CJ program is that it allows for deep linking to any GoDaddy page. For example, you can link to a bulk registration from GoDaddy, where users look for several domains and perhaps make several commissions. CJ offers automated or manual assessment options for marketers to approve new members. GoDaddy is a manual assessment, but practically all applications are accepted. The standard restrictions apply, such as sites with violence, bogus discounts, and so on.

What Do GoDaddy Offers?

GoDaddy also offers a variety of other products, such as Hosting, Premium domains, “SSL Certificates”,  WordPress Hosting, Marketing Services for Malware Removal, and SEO Tools.

What are the Commission Rates?

You will receive a 10 to 15% commission on one-time sales, depending on the product chosen by your friend. If the person chooses a domain name for the first time and has never had one before, you will receive a $100 bonus. Additionally, recurring customers who renew their annual plan, receive a $25 commission. The cookie duration is only 45 days. There is no upper limit to how much money you can make as a GoDaddy affiliate. 

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Affiliates?

Your website must not deceive visitors, encourage unlawful activities, or display undesirable content such as profanity, racism, bigotry, and so on. Aside from that, your website must meet any requirements imposed by the affiliate network to which you belong. The standard rules for using their trademarks on your domain name or advertising apply. You can't additionally have a website that looks like GoDaddy's or that would confuse a customer. There are no cash-back deals, and you can only use coupons given by affiliates.

How to Promote GoDaddy Affiliate Program?

  • Using Social Media 
  • Longtail keywords are useful for SEO
  • Write a few articles regarding GoDaddy products and include your affiliate links in them.
  • Many popular YouTubers are advertising GoDaddy on their channels. If you already run a Youtube channel, then you can advertise the GoDaddy Affiliate program there as well.
  • Social media is the finest place to promote GoDaddy. Many influencers are making good money endorsing GoDaddy.
  • You can share the GoDaddy code with your friends by copying and pasting it into an email.
  • If you are a blogger with a large number of followers, inform them about GoDaddy products via newsletters.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of GoDaddy Affiliate

GoDaddy earns millions of dollars each year from domain name sales and other up-sold services. However, their activities over the years have left them with a blemished image. Regardless of the news, most people who are starting a business online have probably heard of GoDaddy. As an affiliate, you'll get a solid combination of tools and services to help you increase your revenue. GOdaddy


  • Brand recognition is high.
  • Commissions ranging from 10% to 30%, as well as a revenue-sharing
  • There are several upsells, coupons, and excellent affiliate support.


  • Not accessible in all countries
  • Customer service can be mixed and matched.
  • Setbacks and mistakes that made headlines
GoDaddy affiliate program offers significant money-making potential due to its combination of one-time payments and ongoing earnings. The platform includes approximately 400 goods, making it an all-encompassing platform worth promoting to potential site owners.

Final Review

After spending some time marketing GoDaddy over the years, we can state that this program provides excellent exposure for promoting domain names and other Web services. Their great brand awareness and history made it an easy promotion that most of them heard about the service at least. GoDaddy may not have the most affordable domain names. However, they have a powerful bundle with a high value for the average newbie to constructing websites or blogs.