Omg! The 9 Best Job Affiliate Programs Ever!

Every day, people are searching for employment. Whether it is their first job or they are changing fields, the job search necessitates the use of a variety of career services.  The demand for these sites tends to grow as more job searchers discover the tools and services accessible online. Affiliate marketers have great potential in this booming sector. Including some of the best work affiliate programs offers on your website is a great way to monetize it while also providing a vital service to your visitors. I'll list a few job affiliate programs that I've looked at below. These programs are simple to market using a specialty affiliate website, blogging, and other methods.

Job Affiliate Programs


This fantastic job affiliate program is ideal for any website that focuses on educational topics., a well-known resource for K-12 teachers, administrators, and other school authorities, provides affiliates with several possibilities to advertise offers to a receptive audience.  The following are some of the program's advantages:
  • Use of one of the most comprehensive online educational career databases
  • A fantastic commission rate of 40% on each sale you make -A second-tier referral fee for bringing up new affiliates

2.  CareerFitter

CareerFitter is a job affiliate program that assists users to determine how to take a survey online of 60 questions. The personality test was developed by psychologists based on scientific studies. Many people who are entering college or want to change jobs are unsure about which path to take.  CareerFitters is a program that helps users discover their talents and the sorts of professions they might be good at. A career-oriented affiliate website would benefit greatly from this service.
  • Commission: 40%
  • Cookie: Unknown

3. Chops Jobs

Chops Jobs is a traditional cuisine job board for those looking for work in the food, beverage, and hospitality industries. This is a one-of-a-kind employment portal for the culinary sector. Restaurant owners and operators may advertise job openings to recruit the greatest culinary expertise. Chefs and other culinary professions are fantastic areas to concentrate on. This job board would be an excellent addition to a website dedicated to culinary jobs.
  • Commission: 20%
  • Cookie: Unknown

4. Recruiter 

Recruiter provides a recruiter directory for companies as well as a resume distribution service for job seekers.  Affiliate marketers can be compensated for referrals to the Recruiter in a variety of ways. You may earn commissions from job searchers who use Recruiter to disseminate their resumes, or a share of the hiring fee if they are hired. When employers suggest to Recruiter recruit new individuals, you might earn a portion of the hiring fees. FlexOffers is in charge of its affiliate program.
  • Commission: 40%
  • Cookie: Unknown

5. JuJu

JuJu, which functions as a job search engine rather than a job board, offers over 8 million job postings in a variety of areas. Since it is a job aggregator, jobs appear on your JuJu website from many various locations on the web. Using pay-per-click recruiting, job recruiters can save money. As an affiliate marketer, this means you'll get compensated for each click your websites produce. JuJu is a simple system to install.
  • Commission: Unknown
  • Cookie: Unknown

6. Freelance Writers Den

The Freelance Writers Den is a writers' membership website. Bloggers, publications, and people looking for ghostwriters are all looking for freelance writers. With so much competition, authors are continually looking for new and better strategies to get more and higher-paying writing jobs.  This membership site provides freelance writers with the training and assistance they require to achieve their objectives.
  • Commission: 50%
  • Cookie: Unknown

7. Resumes Planet

Resume Planet is a well-known resume writing business in the United States. They assist potential employees in creating an attractive, powerful, and concise resume that companies desire. They offer a simple buying procedure, a professionally prepared CV, on-time delivery, and an invitation to job interview. Resumes Planet provides a 25% fee on all sales to its affiliates, with a 40% incentive for top-performing affiliates. The average product price is between $65 to $283, with a $140 average purchase size. They also have a high conversion rate and a remarkably low reversal or refund rate of about 4%.
  • Commission: 25 to 40%
  • Cookie: 45 days

8. JobStars USA

JobStars USA is a resume writing and career counseling business based in the United States. The first step in establishing an impression is to have a CV. It's essential for landing job interviews. As a result, JobStars USA's services are critical for anybody looking for a new career or employment. They give a $100 bonus for the first convert and a 10% commission after that.
  • Commission: $100 first time, 10% onwards 
  • Cookie Length: 90 days

9. Job Thread 

JobThread handles the hosting and management of the job board, and it's simple to set up. If you own a website about feet, for example, your job posts may contain openings for podiatrists and shoe salespeople. For specialty website marketers, it's a terrific fit. For a job ad, affiliate marketers can charge whatever they want. If it makes money, the profit is divided equally. 
  • Commission: 50%
  • Cookies: unknown