ClickBank: A Friendly affiliate program

No one can deny the importance of e-commerce, especially after the emergence of the covid-19 pandemic. It is the need of the hour and convenient to do business through electronic networks like the internet. People prefer to buy and sell goods through an online platform, and the company is increasing day by day. Over the last few years, e-commerce has transformed the nature of doing business. In 2020, it was estimated that more than two billion people purchased goods and services, and retail sales surpassed $4 trillion in just one year worldwide. You can also become part of this online business community. If you own a blog or website, you can monetize it by becoming part of big names; you just need to join their affiliate programs. You can earn money in the form of commissions. So, this article provides you a comprehensive guide on the ClickBank affiliate program, a well-established global internet retailer and affiliate marketplace. 

What is affiliate marketing?

It is estimated that by 2022, the affiliate marketing industry surpass the huge benchmark of $8 billion. Affiliate marketing is a gateway for passive income, and you promote products and, in return, earn a commission. It is the process of making money every time you promote products or services of a company and drive a sale. 

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a marketplace for the world’s best marketers and innovative product owners to build businesses. It was founded in 1998 and has about six million clients worldwide; it is one of the largest internet retailers. You can earn money by joining ClickBank as a product vendor or affiliate marketer. 

Clickbank affiliate program

More than one hundred thousand affiliates are ClickBanks’s vast marketplace and promote top performing, compliant products and earn handsome amounts of money in the form of commissions. ClickBank is the middleman between vendors of digital products and affiliate marketers. ClickBank is the best option for bloggers and digital content creators who love to promote digital products. 

Why should you join the ClickBank affiliate program?

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in marketing, ClickBank gives opportunity to earn a commission, so it is never the wrong time to join the ClickBank affiliate program. More than $4f billion commissions have been made by ClickBanks’s affiliates in twenty years. 
  • You should choose the ClickBank affiliate program because of its ever-evolving inventory of quality digital and physical goods. 
  • Due to profit and reliability, it is one of the best affiliate programs, pays commissions on time, and has never missed a payment in twenty years.
  • ClickBank pays up to 90 percent commission, and it is some of the highest commission rates. 
  • It pays its affiliates on time and gives credit on every sale that you made.
  • ClickBank affiliate program also enables you to interact with leading affiliate marketers, enhancing your online business skills. 
click bank

Pros And Cons Of Clickbank

Pros of ClickBank
  • ClickBank affiliate program pays up to 70% commission on various products. 
  • Payments can be received on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and it depends on you. 
  • It is friendly for new affiliates and helps beginners to enhance their skills.
  • It is an international affiliate program and offers you the opportunity to work with big names and offers vast exposure regarding marketing. 
  • It has thousands of products in different categories that mean many niches and a lot of opportunities. 
Cons of ClickBank
  • ClickBank affiliate program is not strict towards new affiliates, which means fraudsters can jeopardize the network's relationship with advertisers and vendors.
  • It offers high commissions, which also attract scammers and spammers. 
  • There is heavy competition on popular products.

How to join the ClickBank affiliate program?

To join ClickBank, you have to create your ClickBank account to become a ClickBank affiliate. The first step is to get an employer identification number, and it is free and easy. In the second step, you have to choose your niche, which means to decide what kind of products you want to promote. Step three is to build a platform to promote products of place that you have already selected. Then in step four, you need to grow your audience to promote products. And after the tracking of data in step six, your commissions are directed into your account, and you receive your payment. 

Is ClickBank legit?

Yes, ClickBank is legit. Suppose you own a website and want to promote a digital product as an affiliate. In that case, you should check the ClickBank affiliate program. It offers exceptionally high commissions per sale. It provides a wide range of digital products that you can promote and generate revenue. It is a reliable and profitable affiliate program.

Payment methods

ClickBank pays high commissions up to 75% - 90% without any delay in money transfer. In addition, ClickBank offers various payment method options. For example, payments can be made through wire transfer, Payoneer, direct deposit, or pay pal. 

Customer support policy

The ClickBank affiliate program offers its customers a reliable support system that helps its affiliates to select good, profitable products to promote. It also provides promotional material, banners, and text links to promote products. It also helps to enhance the skill to boost campaign performance by tracking keywords that lead to actual sales. If you have any kind of difficulty, then you can seek help through text or email.