Best Travel Affiliate Programs

What Is An Affiliate Program, and How Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing is the practice of promoting a product or service that you did not create. You earn a commission if someone buys that goods or service through your affiliate or referral link. The amount of commission you receive is solely dependent on the items or services you promote. You can literally make thousands of dollars via affiliate marketing if you're savvy enough. Affiliate marketing is, without a doubt, the most effective way for travel bloggers (or those who manage travel affiliate sites) to earn passive income online. Finding the greatest travel affiliate items, however, is not straightforward.

Earn More Money with the Best Travel Affiliate Programs

Airbnb Affiliate Program

Airbnb has a unique affiliate program and is one of the most popular housing websites. The Guest and Host affiliate programs are two aspects that affiliate marketers can make use of. You can use any Airbnb listing on your blog or website as part of the Guest affiliate program. When someone books a hotel through your blog, you will be paid a commission. You can promote Airbnb hosting possibilities on your site through the Host affiliate program. When one of your visitors becomes a host, you will be paid a commission.

Booking.Com Affiliate Program is one of the most frequently visited travel websites. The Travelpayouts affiliate network manages its affiliate program, which is open to any affiliate marketers. Joining is simple and free. They also take good care of their affiliates. They offer a search box for deals, banner integration possibilities, and deep connection to users. Their commissions are calculated based on the amount of stayed bookings per month.
  • You get a 25% commission if you book between 0 and 50 nights.
  • Bookings with 51 to 150 nights give you a 30% commission.
  • You get a 35% commission on stays between 151 and 500.
  • And if you book 501 or more nights, you'll get a 40% commission.
Before joining the network, please keep in mind: Their minimum payout is 100 Euros, and they exclusively accept PayPal payments.

Flipkey Affiliate Program

TripAdvisor Rentals, which includes FlipKey, has over 850,000 units in 190 countries. There are numerous unique places to stay in this area. CJ Affiliates is in charge of its affiliate program.
  • 4 percent commission
  • 7-day cookie duration

Agoda Affiliate Program

This website offers over 950,000 lodging options throughout the world. This provides affiliate marketers with a plethora of referral alternatives. Here you will find a wide range of accommodations, including hotels and private apartments. As a result, you'll have a diverse audience. Agoda's affiliate program pays out commissions based on the number of referrals. You'll get a 35 percent fee if you get less than 50 referrals. The affiliate receives a 60% commission if 1000 referrals make a complete booking in a month.

This is another excellent affiliate scheme from which affiliate marketers can profit. It's a member of the Expedia affiliate program. When customers book through their affiliate link, affiliate marketers will receive a commission. They are unable to work directly with their partners. Only through intermediary networks is this feasible. People in Canada and the United States can only work with them through For each booking, affiliate marketers will receive a commission of approximately 4.92 percent.

Travala Affiliate Program

Given the rise in popularity of bitcoin, now is an excellent time to market a travel website that accepts cryptocurrency payments. Travala is one such site that accepts crypto payments and has a profitable affiliate program that allows you to make money in cryptocurrency. Everyone is welcome to join, and the basic program pays a 5% commission on every travel booking made through your affiliate link. The best part is that you'll be paid in bitcoins, making it yet another popular cryptocurrency affiliate scheme. At the bottom of Travala's webpage, you'll find a link to join their Affiliate program.


ShareASale is a marketplace where you can locate the best affiliate programs in any niche. ShareASale offers a variety of prominent hotels, travel airlines, and services (such as Riu Hotels, Qatar Airways, The Lalit Hotels, Agoda, and others). If you've never used ShareASale before, you might find the navigation perplexing at first. Features
  • Payment is made via direct bank deposit.
  • It's easier to meet the minimum compensation requirements than with in-house affiliate programs.
  • See which affiliate programs are the most successful in each topic.

Amazon Associates

It's time to leave the hotels and trip packages behind. Those interested in affiliate marketing can find plenty of options on Those who want to recommend travel gear, apparel, and travel-related accessories, on the other hand, should absolutely join Amazon's affiliate program.