Best Self Help Affiliate Programs That Help You Earn

Self-help is intended to assist people in achieving their personal and professional goals without relying on others. Without the assistance of professionals, it is now easier than ever to solve your difficulties using online tools and information. Relationships, stress, anxiety, despair, personal development, and weight loss are just a few subjects covered in self-help programs. You may read a book about how to start a business or a self-help book about waking up early in the morning Here are some excellent self-help affiliate programs focusing on overall health, mental health, and happiness.

Self Help Affiliate Programs

  •         Hypnosis Downloads
  •         Hay House
  •         Amare
  •         Jonathan Park
  •         InnerTalk
  •         Brian Tracy


Amare gives women guidance and resources to help them improve their love lives. Marriage counselors, coaches, PhDs, and best-selling authors make up their team of professionals. Their self-help products have aided tens of thousands of individuals in living happy, meaningful lives. Commission Junction manages its affiliate program. Amare provides optimized creatives and real-time reporting solutions to their affiliates. They are always upgrading their sales funnel and providing products that convert well. Why Should Amare Be Promoted? Leader in relationship counseling, high commission rates, and proven sales materials To increase their commissions, affiliates might promote their free newsletters.

Hypnosis Downloads

Over 600,000 people have benefited from hypnosis downloads thanks to Hypnosis Downloads. They utilize hypnosis to cope with problems and emotions in a natural way. Each download is created by four skilled hypnotherapists and covers a wide range of self-help topics such as anxiety therapy, depression, phobias, self-esteem, and stress management. Their affiliate program is run entirely by them. Hypnosis Downloads provides easy-to-use promotional content, a product catalog, and thorough tracking tools to their affiliates. Since 2003, they have paid over $1 million to their affiliates and have exceptionally good conversion rates. Why Should You Promote Hypnosis Downloads? The largest hypnosis provider, a year-long cookie life, and recurring commissions are all reasons to promote hypnosis downloads. Affiliates earn a significant 35 percent compensation rate from their membership program's monthly recurring commissions, as well as a 5% 2nd tier commission on all downloadable products. self

Hay House

For some of the industry's greatest authors, Hay House has published over 350 audio programs and 300 self-help books. Parenting, relationships, health, and finances are just a few of the self-improvement themes they cover. They also have a radio station, as well as live events, online events, and online seminars. On their website, affiliates can sign up for their affiliate program. Hay House gives all of the marketing materials needed for affiliates to begin advertising right now. Their knowledgeable affiliate management team is available to assist you with any issues you may have and to make recommendations on how to improve your campaigns.


InnerTalk creates self-help programs to assist people in overcoming negative self-talk and boost their self-esteem. More than 40 investigations and clinical trials have been conducted to validate their technology. Their innovative products are backed by a money-back guarantee. ShareASale is in charge of its affiliate program. InnerTalk provides professionally designed banner advertising and text links to their affiliates. On their simple affiliate dashboard, affiliates can keep track of their leads, sales, and commissions. InnerTalk's patented personal development solutions are guaranteed to work and have been featured on the Discovery Channe They've received thousands of excellent feedback from satisfied consumers.

Brian Tracy

With over 30 years of expertise, Brian Tracy is one of the leading personal and business success experts. In his seminars and presentations, he has aided over 1,000 businesses and reached over 5,000,000 individuals. Courses on personal development increased productivity, and sales training to quadruple your revenue are among his 120+ items. They have a $140 average order size. Commission Junction has enlisted Brian Tracy to manage their affiliate program. They provide a library of optimized creatives, as well as powerful tracking tools and monthly affiliate bonuses. Brian Tracy is a top personal success authority with a high average order value and promotional opportunities. You should start thinking about what topic you want to advertise now that you've located these outstanding self-help affiliate programs. For people who want to enhance their dating and love lives, you could focus on relationship self-help. Amare has aided tens of thousands of people in their quest to improve their relationships. Affiliates receive a 40% commission rate, which is very generous. Self-help hypnotherapy is another fantastic niche notion for naturally dealing with your emotions. Guided hypnosis for anxiety, self-esteem, phobias, stress management, and more is available through Hypnosis Downloads. They have a 35 percent commission rate and a cookie life of one year.