8 Best Online Courses Affiliate Programs for Steady Sales

If you want to learn any specific skill, then digital courses are perfect for you. Digital courses are also very much profitable for course creators that bring them together. People can make huge earnings from these services by becoming a member of online courses affiliate programs. 

If you promote these online courses, you assist to attach people with online courses they can utilize to learn advanced skills. These skills can help you to earn money or even grow your own business. 

Hence, in this article, we have explained some online courses affiliate programs that you can learn.


Coursera collaborates with plenty of universities and agencies to provide a wide range of online courses affiliate programs. You can earn money and explore online degree options too. 

Moreover, Coursera offers tens of thousands of free online courses such as on-demand video, tutorials, daily exercises, and debate forums. It also offers some paid courses like projects, quizzes, and a degree after completion of the course. 

Comments: 45%

Cookie Duration: One Month


Over 100,000 online video courses are available on Udemy. These topics almost cover anything that you can think of. Most of the topics are related to the business. However, there are plenty of different entertainment courses such as bread baking, learning to play the ukulele and many others. 

Moreover, Udemy is a popular affiliate program around the world tens of thousands of people have joined this brand. This affiliate page of this program does not provide much information in terms of commission per sale and cookie Duration. 

Commission: not disclosed

Cookie Duration: not much information is available 


Teachable is an affiliate program that enables everyone to create their personal online courses. The platform offers so many outstanding features like the inclusion of videos, pictures, text, audio and PDF files. People can also get completion certificates, lectures, video completion, and quizzes. If you are using this platform, then you will not need to worry about your payments. You can offer coupons and promotions besides the latest payment options. 

From our experience, Teachable is one of the best online courses affiliate programs which offers outstanding attributes. The platform also provides recurring commissions which are quite brilliant. 

Teachable offers a 30% recurring commission and 90 days for cookie duration. 


Pluralsight offer a wide variety of online courses most of which are related to technology. They offer online courses related to various tech topics such as Python, Information Technology, SQL and many others. 

From our experience, all these courses are perfect for experienced web tech professionals that aim to enhance their skills and get higher ranks in their positions at work. 

This is the world’s best program that focuses on tech-related courses. This means you can select any one technology niche for convenient conversion. 

Commission: $5 for a free trial, 50% for 30 days subscription, 10% for a premium membership

Cookie Duration: not disclosed yet


Simplilearn offers a wide variety of online courses in digital economy training. People can get courses related to various verticals such as digital marketing, science, cybersecurity and many more. 

Many agencies also use this affiliate program for training employees in different ways. 

Skill learning is very popular in the technology field right now. Many people in this field are looking to learn advanced programming languages, new software and more. Besides, this platform provides certificates for many skills. 

Commission: 10% Per sale

Cookie Duration: one month

Permaculture Skills Center

Permaculture Skills Center is an online educational school aimed at providing information in ecological landscaping, permaculture, and few others. Besides, this platform offers a wide variety of online courses like land maps, agroforestry, and more. Permaculture Skills Center is one of the most popular and unique niches across the globe. 

Commission: 40% per sale

Cookie Duration: no information available yet


Creative Life

Creative Live includes plenty of courses in various verticals such as photography, video completion, art, singing, audio and many others. 

These topics are perfect for creative people who want to earn money from their creative skills. 

We can ensure that this is one of the best online course affiliate programs to grow if you wish to target creative people. 

Commission: 20% for beginners, 10% return customers and $10 for referred affiliate links

One month for cookie Duration

DJ Courses Online

DJ Courses Online offers full training to become a DJ. All the courses are designed by experienced professionals within the DJ market. This network covers a wide variety of courses like the latest DJ skills, how to DJ masterclass and many others. 

Besides, they offer a minimum monthly subscription, annual subscription and a lifetime payment option to get these courses. 

Users will be targeting particular visitors and are confident to attain consistent conversions. 

Commission: 50% beginner’s membership and 50% recurring

Cookie Duration: no information available yet

We recommend you focus on a particular vertical and grow courses specific to your niche. 


10 Best Hair Extension Affiliate Programs to Extend Your Website or Blog Earnings

During the last few years, the demand for black hair items is increased dramatically. There are tens of thousands of hair care products buyers all over the world and hundreds of service providers. 

Moreover, hair is the most important and beautiful part of everyone’s personality. Most of us like long and black hair because it brings beauty to the overall look and we can also try any sort of hairstyle. 

Nowadays, there are so many hair brands available in the market that provide attractive hair extensions for your matchings. So, if you are running a website or blog related to fashion, health, lifestyle and hair accessories, then the hair extension affiliate programs are perfect for you. Here are the 10 best hair extension affiliate programs for you:

Best 10 Hair Extension Affiliate Programs:

Luxy Hair

Luxy Hair Extension Affiliate Program offers people long attractive clip-in hair extensions within 5 minutes. If you have over 3500 Instagram followers and some experience in hairstyling, then you will be allowed to join this affiliate program. Luxy Hair Extension Affiliate Program offers $10 on every sale. It also provides access to a private affiliate interface for tracking details on incomings.  You will also get 30 days windows, prompt payments, and a network partner. 

Dynasty Goddess

Dynasty Goddess is an American based network which deals with all types of hair textures and extents. The hair bundles on Dynasty Goddess can be easily coloured, styled and curled as per your requirement. This network ensures that your hair will not be affected or tangle and will remain strong for your whole life if maintained properly. 

Dynasty Goddess offers a 15% commission per sale through a coupons code. It offers personalized affiliate coupon passwords. DG provides free customer referrals to its users. You can withdraw your commissions through PayPal and bank transfer. 

Gam Seamless

Gam Seamless offers a wide variety of readymade Hair Extensions, wigs, and halo bundles. The platform also provides plenty of hair care products such as hair conditioners, shampoos alongside attractive instruments. 

Gam Seamless affiliate program offers a 3% commission on every sale. You will also be able to get lifetime commissions with this platform. Users can withdraw their payments via PayPal or Stripe. 

It offers 90 days cookies duration. The platform provides complete access to tools and resources for promotion.


Zala is an excellent brand with outstanding quality hair extensions. This network covers a massive collection of clip-in, tape-in, and weave in hair extensions. We suggest you once go through their full product specifications, colour matches, Instagram followers, videos and many others. 

The Zala platform also offers amazing customer service and a money-back guarantee.

Zala affiliate program offers a $15 commission on clip-in. There are 30 days of cookies duration. 


ExcellentVirginalHair affiliate program is an excellent online retailer and wholesaler of Hair Extension. It offers a wide variety of hairstyles such as body wave, Brazilian, Straightened, Curly and more. 

They are providing their services for more than 1000 agencies all over the world with hair extensions. The platform offers  10 to 15 per cent commission, 30-days cookie duration, fetch link for promotion and a network partner as well. 


Airy Hair

Air Hair is a leading hair extension affiliate brand that gives an amazing collection of hair extensions and hair. The platform is coming up with 30,000 satisfied customers and over 15 years of experience. The platform is trustworthy and reliable, so you can buy from Air Hair. The network helps people to grow their businesses if it deals with salons, dropshipping or wholesale business. 

Moreover, you can make up to 10% commission per sale, $4 for every set sold, extra commission. The minimum payout at Air hair is $25 via PayPal, bank transfer, and wire transfer. 

Weave Wonderful

Weave Wonderful is a well-known hair extension affiliate program that offers wigs and clip-in hair expansions. The platform’s various hair types include straight, curly, wavy and many others. You can get this hair extension in the range of $140 to $325.

Moreover, Weave Wonderful affiliate program offers 15% commission per sale, payments via PayPal, access to so many marketing creatives. 

Hidden Crown

If you want to become a part of the Hidden Crown Hair Extension affiliate program, then you must have more than 4000  Instagram followers, hair extension experience, a public profile and a reasonable female fan following. 

Moreover, this affiliate program offers a 10% commission per sale, 30 days cookies duration.

Wealthy Hair

Wealthy Hair affiliate program is equipped with a virgin hair weave, lace closures and hair accessories. The platform has a real review of their consumers, buying guides and advice along with attachment. Moreover, the Wealthy Hair affiliate program offers a 6% commission, exclusive coupons for buyers and a sign-up link. 

Curly Heaven

Curly Heaven is a leading hair extension affiliate program which aimed at providing curly, straightened, coils curls, tight or loose curls to its users. The platform offers a wide variety of curls such as classic, ombre and ponytail. You can also get help from its tutorials to understand the process of putting up hair extensions. 

Besides, Curly heaven offers a $10 commission per sale, 30-day cookie duration, prompt reporting and tracking and payments via PayPal.


7 Best Music Affiliate Programs to Make Money in 2022

If you are looking for the best music affiliate program to monetize your website or blog, then you are at the right place. There are so many high paying, high converting music affiliate programs waiting for you to become a member of them.

So, in this article, we are going to explain the 7 best affiliate programs that you use to monetize your website to earn money. This means if you are running a website related to music, you should use promoting music affiliate programs to monetize your website traffic. 

Let’s get started with 7 best music affiliate programs:

7 Best Music Affiliate Programs of 2022

  • PianoforallAffiliate Program
  • Rocket Piano Affiliate Program
  • Singapore Affiliate Program
  • Virtual Sheet Affiliate Program
  • MasterClass Affiliate Program
  • Guitar Center Affiliate Program
  • Loopmasters

Pianoforall Affiliate Program

Pianoforall does not have products or services to promote, rather they provide online piano lessons to students from all over the world. There are over 3000 students right now who have joined their online courses and learning to play the piano. We can ensure that their online lessons are not handy, costing between $40 – $50. You can make up to 60% commission per sale. This website is also reliable, trustworthy and legitimate and they provide a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Commission: 60% per sale

EPC: Gravity 49.6

Cookie Duration: three months

Channel: ClickBank

Rocket Piano Affiliate Program

Rocket Piano is also a well-known affiliate program that offers online courses and lessons to learn and everything about Piano. Their online tutorial offers plenty of sound lessons, images, diagrams and video classes. There are over 9000 students who have already trained to play the Piano through their courses. 

Moreover, Rocket Piano offers a 60-day money-back guarantee to its affiliates. It is offered through ClickBank, which means you have to join ClickBank first to get started with this affiliate program. 

Commission: 75% on download edition of Rocket Piano and 25% on hard copy edition

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Singorama Affiliate Program

Singorama is an internet-based affiliate program that assists you to become a better singer. This network offers plenty of programs for those who are looking for vocal range, strength and master the perfect pitch. 

You will be able to get audio lessons and a lot of other material on this affiliate program. Singorama Affiliate Program’s one of the best features is that it offers a 60 day 100% money-back guarantee. 

Commission: 70% whopping commission on prompt downloads and 40% on shipped lessons

Cookie Duration: 60 days


Virtual Sheet Music Affiliate Program

Virtual Sheet Music is an online sheet music download platform that gives singers the capability to locate sheet music quickly. 

This program is a well-known landing source of classical sheet music downloads, jazz sheet music and MP3 files on the site. You can instantly download high-quality sheet music plus audio files from their websites. 

Over 20,000 are daily visitors of this amazing site, which shows its popularity among the people. 

Besides, this affiliate program is completely free to join. 

Commission: 30% per sale 

Cookie Duration: under 30 years

MasterClass Affiliate Program

The masterClass is a well-known online learning network. This platform offers online tutorials related to arts, television, writing, gaming, kitchen, home decor, interior design, music and many others. 

All the pieces of training are given by highly qualified and experienced celebrities. You can become a member of this affiliate program free of cost.

Commission: 25% at each successful sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Guitar Center Affiliate Program

Guitar Center is a premium musical instruments store. You can purchase a wide range of musical instruments such as drums, guitar audio files, recording tools, and many more. 

You can also purchase second-hand items from this network. Besides, Guitar Center also sells online home lessons and vintage tools. These instruments can also be used on rent.  There are over 40,000 products available on their site, which means you can earn a good commission. 

Commission: 6% per sale

Cookie Duration: 15 days


Loopmasters was initially developed in 2003 to provide top-level and flexible music libraries. Experienced professionals from all over the world are supporting these libraries and are very famous among producers and musicians. They are always aimed at adding new music into their inventory to keep it up with advanced music trends. Its collection of libraries ranges from jazz, pop, disco, rock and many others. 

There are hundreds of lessons available on this platform covering topics like compression fundamentals, the art of filtering and many others. 

Besides, Loopmasters is completely free to join. You will be given banners and textual links for promotion. 

Commission: 20% at each sale

Payout: €25 and €10 sign-up bonus

So, these are the 7 best music affiliate programs that you can join anytime and start making a commission.


10 Best Affiliate Programs for Pinterest 

These 10 best affiliate programs all have outstanding attributes that make them ideal for Pinterest. Pinterest is the well-known world’s best platform for affiliate marketers because they are permitted to post affiliate links on Pinterest. This platform enables marketers to grow their business without having any blog. 

So, in this article, we are going to lead you through some of the best affiliate programs and for Pinterest. 

10 Best Affiliate Programs for Pinterest

  • Wayfair
  • Fine Art America
  • Priceline
  • BH Photo Video
  • Blick Art Materials
  • Sonos
  • Home Chef
  • Garden Tower
  • Amazon
  • Elizabeth Arden

Wayfair ( Home Decor)

Wayfair is famous on Pinterest because people love creating boards full of home ornament ideas. This program offers reasonable prices, user-friendly options, and a wide catalogue of furniture, indoor and outdoor furniture, Kitchen items, ornament items, carpet, storage products and many other products. This means there are so many items affiliates can make money from promoting on their websites. Besides, they can make money by promoting them directly on their pins. Here are the key points of this program:

Commission: 7%

EPC: $176.30

7days duration of Cookies

Fine Art America (Art)

There are various Pinterest Art Boards that have a wide range of visitors coming from a few people all the way up to tens of thousands. The audience discusses various topics such as ranging from classic art all the way up to the creations of modern artists. We can safely say that tens of thousands of artists are using Pinterest as part of their digital portfolios.

Fine Art America is the best option to monetize your website traffic because it has active membership on Pinterest. All you need is to do select a sub-niche within art, and you can start work within your affiliate Pins.

Commission: 8%

EPC: $115.80

Cookie Duration: 30 Days


From our experience, travelling is not a vertical anyone would connect with Pinterest.

Until people know that everybody and their parents take pictures while on travelling or vocation. The number of pictures has been increased since the innovation of advanced mobile devices.

Hence, people can monetize their interest in travelling by becoming a member of the Priceline affiliate program. They can assist people to find out their desired locations by Pins of exotic locations. Affiliates can earn up to 3% commission with this affiliate program.

BH Photo Video (Photography)

As per our review, BH Photo Video is an American based equipment retailer initially developed in 1973. BH Photo Video conducts business via buyer sales, business to business sales and its single retail location. Affiliates can connect with this affiliate program via their websites, retail sales, cell phone sales, email address and live chat.

Being an affiliate marketer, you can earn up to 8% commission on all the sales.


Blick Art Materials

If you want to become a member of any affiliate program of Pinterest then Blick Art is one of the best affiliate programs in arts and crafts supplies. This program offers all the items such as paints, brushes and canvas.

As an affiliate marketer, you can make up to a 3% commission per sale.

Commission: 3%

EPC: $18.29

Cookie Duration: only 1 day


As per our review, Sonos is a well-known known US developer and manufacturer of audio products. This is popular for its multi-room audio products. There are tens of thousands of people are using these gadgets like 30 million people. This means many affiliates are promoting from ClickBank tech items to items available on Amazon.

Sonos affiliate program offers up to 8% on each sale referred via their platform.

Commission: 8%

EPC: $75.92

Cookie Duration: 24 hours a day

Home Chef

Everyone loves to take pictures of their meals and sharing them on social media platforms. Mostly they share on Instagram and Pinterest.

Besides, you will see there are hundreds of Pins covering meal recipes and dieting. So if you have followers attentive in making healthy eating and delicious food waiting for you to inaugurate them to a source. You can become a member of Home Chef and makeup to 10% commission on all referrals sent via your website or pin.

Garden Tower Project

Urban and suburban garden farmers are growing rapidly all over the world. But there are plenty of people interested in plantations and flowers inside gardens. The Garden Tower Project will attract Pinterest users and visitors.

Affiliates can make up to $40 in affiliate commission by selling a single service on Garden Tower Project.


Embark is a pet-related affiliate program that helps people to maintain the health of their pets. They can ask for a DNA test for their friend to know if they’re at risk of getting the disease or not.

There are over 20 million people who pin pictures and videos of their dogs and puppies. So, Embark affiliate program pays you a $19 commission per sale and gives 30 days for cookie duration.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta is a leading language product available on market. The platform teaches users to know by visual association, which perfectly matches the visual nature of Pinterest.

You can earn up to a 7% commission per sale by a single link on your website.

Victoria secret

All You Need To Know About Victoria’s Secret Affiliate Program 

Victoria’s Secret is the world’s most popular brand for top class panties, bras, women’s clothing, swimwear and more. This brand is well-known for its outstanding supermodels who model eye-catching apparel such as panties, sleepwear, lingerie and many others. 

Victoria’s Secret Products and Offer for Affiliates

As per our review of Victoria’s secret, it is popular for selling sexy women’s dresses such as bras, panties, swimwear and sportswear as well. Moreover, similar to other fashion brands in the industry, this Victoria’s Secret brand also has an affiliate program that pays massive commissions to its affiliates. You can also join Victoria’s secret affiliate program and make handsome commissions. You can promote Victoria’s Secret products and services on your website or blog to earn money. 

How to Started with Victoria’s Secret Affiliate Program

All other affiliate programs are open to anyone from any part of the world, Victoria’s Secret affiliate program is different. This network is private, and affiliates have to sign up through a partner pepper jam affiliates. Getting started with Victoria’s Secret affiliate program is a very straightforward process. All you need is to fill out a registration form for Pepperjam affiliates who will analyze your credibility and decide if you fit in or not. Once you have registered your account, you will be assigned coupon codes for the network. 

Coupon codes perform in a very simple and easy way. The coupon codes double up as affiliates links, which they need to give out their referrals to use on Victoria’s to stores to make purchases. Whenever consumers use your coupon codes, they have a discount on their product, and you will earn commissions. 

The reason behind Becoming a Member of Victoria’s Secret

There is only one way in which affiliates can make their affiliate marketing venture profitable is that by earning substantial money as commission. To get the most out of it, affiliates will have to target the right traffic with their advertising campaigns. 

Affiliates also need to provide people with complete information about Victoria’s Secret products and services, that they might have the interest to purchase. Besides, one of the major reasons why you should become a member of Victoria’s Secret is the reality that they are a professional and global organisation with tens of thousands of loyal customers. Moreover, Victoria’s Secret has top-class products which convert into higher commissions. 

Victoria’s Secret Intended Audience

From our findings, Victoria’s Secret’s perfect intended audience for your affiliate marketing will be the elite class women shopping for lingerie and the items available at this program. The basic aim of Victoria’s Secret products is to look sexy and attractive because most of the customers sexy feel and look. 

Key Features of Victoria’s Secret affiliate program

From our findings, Victoria’s Secret gives affiliates access to the world’s best brand and a large variety of accessories. They offer various opportunities to save big and get massive discounts.

Victoria’s Secret also offers amazing discounts in various ways like 40% off Pink Accessories. As an affiliate of Victoria’s Secret, you can also get 50 secret coupons and 14 promo codes. 

You can purchase from the Program’s sale and get amazing offers on all your favourite lingerie, bikini, swimwear and more.

All the sales on this affiliate program will be tracked from links and coupons used. We recommend using the DCM network link for promoting your offers. 

Advertisers will not be able to bid on any of the platform’s terms and conditions in paid search ads. 

Terms and Conditions for Victoria’s Secret Affiliate Program

All the affiliates who have joined this affiliate program must agree and comply with the advanced terms and services of this affiliate program and also the publisher’s latest terms and conditions. This means affiliates will not be allowed to promote any sexually explicit content, violent video or any unlawful activities.

Moreover, you are not allowed to use any unlawful, political, controversial and fake information to promote your products or business at Victoria’s Secret.

Affiliates can connect with Victoria’s Secret affiliate program and get the full version of the latest advertiser’s terms and conditions. You have to ensure that advertising processes are well-matched with the publisher’s planning for their affiliate program. 

Moreover, Victoria’s Secret affiliate program offers a customer support team that helps you to explain any part of the terms and conditions. In case of any violation of these terms and conditions, may lead affiliates in cancellation of their commissions. You might be unable to get access to the affiliate program. 

Once you have signed up with Victoria’s Secret, you can read the terms and conditions of this affiliate program. If you don’t have an account on this program, then create a new account for a publisher on Victoria’s secret affiliate program and start your work as an affiliate. 


5 Best Affiliate Programs For Pinterest

Online advertising on Pinterest is among the most effective ways to earn money online. I’ve made a list of top affiliate programs for Pinterest that you can use to easily promote on Pinterest to help you succeed in affiliate marketing.

Because you CAN publish affiliate links on Pinterest, it’s one of the finest sites for affiliate marketers. Everybody else despises affiliate links and will stop at nothing to eliminate them. Pinterest, on the other hand, welcomes them with open arms.

Is it capable of generating passive income on Pinterest? It’s one of our customers’ and many other Pinterest users’ most often asked questions.

Yes, it is correct!

I’m also working on it. As a result, I’ll be able to lead you in the right direction.

I strongly advise you to join every affiliate program listed on this page and begin earning money with affiliate marketing.

  1. 3D Cart

3DCart is a system that provides customers with complete online and eCommerce solutions.

You can inform customers that wish to market their goods online and need a dependable ecommerce platform, in which case 3D Cart is the perfect option.

You can make up to 300 percent commission for any referrals you send to 3DCart if you join the 3DCart affiliate program.

Start earning money with Pinterest by joining the 3DCart affiliate program.

Simply pin eCommerce solutions and include your affiliate link in the description. Now you may share your favorites on Pinterest group

  1. Joybird

Sofas, rockers, bedroom furniture, desks, storage, and decorations are all available made-to-order from Joybird.

Buyers can select from a wide range of materials and colors, and they then produced the item to their specifications with 7% of commission and cookie duration for a week. 

All of the items are also spill-resistant, making them suitable for both children and pets, and they come with an unheard-of 365-day warranty.

Because their things are adjustable and they have excellent guarantees and refund policies, Joybird is an easy sell.

With Joybird, you’ll not only be responsible for converting successfully, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of one of the greatest sales prices and cookie lengths in the industry.

  1. is the latest online shopping cashback incentive site. It provides money rebates from over 3,000 businesses, as well as discounts and special offers!

Who doesn’t want to avoid spending money while shopping, and if you advertise DollarDig correctly, you may make loads of money by promoting DollarDig sign-ups?

Add pins that showcase DollarDig’s exclusive offers and perks.

If your pin starts to gain a lot of attention, you can anticipate a lot of commission to come your way.

At this time, DollarDig is only admitting publishers from the United States, and a valid sign-up costs $2.00.

Start advertising on Pinterest by joining DollarDig today. 

  1. Belle & June

Belle & June is an interior design retailer that offers over 7000 pieces from leading home decor brands, including Mode Living, Costa Nova, Pacifica Connections, Arte Italica, and Zentique.

Furniture, decor, bath accessories, tabletop, baby & child, and gifts are among the categories available.

With a commission of 12% and a cookie span of one month.

Belle & June is a good choice for Pinterest affiliate marketing because they pay out good royalties in the home decor business and have a wonderful average purchase size of $250-$500, which implies you’ll earn around $30-$60 each sale.

Every month, new things are introduced, and several of the items offered online are not available in stores, providing you some uniqueness.

Members of our site can make Real Cash by doing things they enjoy, such as signing up for free exclusive deals, visiting amazing websites, reading e-mails, shopping online, and more… Then, they’ll be rewarded with cash!


  1. has the greatest digital accommodation choices, covering hotels, vacation rentals, flights, rental cars, airport taxis, railways, tree houses, and more.

It describes itself as the “world’s most well-known online lodgings booking network.”

The amount of commission you earn varies depending on how many bookings you make each month. It begins at 25% of the commission earned by and increases from there.

Click here for more information about commissions.

The cookie expires when the browser is closed.

Affiliates may add the search box to their website using the WordPress plugin, making it incredibly simple to provide a robust booking tool on your website.

Affiliates may add the search field to their site using the WordPress plugin, made it extremely simple to provide a robust booking tool on your site.

The plugin has a lot of added features, so it will fit in well with your website. You can also select which attributes should be displayed.


So, I hope you’ve discovered some great affiliate networks through which you can start generating money using Pinterest.

Simply choose an affiliate program from the list above, create a pin, and begin spreading the word on Pinterest. Your commissions will start to arrive as soon as your pins begin to receive repins and interaction.

I urge you to understand the top 6 ways to double your affiliate revenue now that you know how to construct an affiliate marketing website and have top affiliate programs mentioned here.

Make your pins exciting and attractive and improve the Pin description by adding important hashtags to get more repins and interaction.



6 Best Home Decor Affiliate Program for 2022

Home decor, also known as interior decorating, refers to all of the furniture, fixtures, furnishings, colors, and patterns that are utilized to bring a place together. By 2022, the worldwide home decor market is expected to be worth $855 million.

With people wanting to transform their places with a touch of modern and classic, here are the top 6 amazing home décor affiliate services to assist you to corner some of this large industry. 

  1. Joybrid

Joybird specializes in customizable, moderate mid-century contemporary design. Their kid and pet-friendly textiles are built to withstand whatever the world throws at you. You may bring the store to your home for a 365-day trial. Buyers also get a lifetime guarantee and fast delivery.

The average selling is $2000, which is incredibly high. FlexOffers has been chosen by Joybird to run its affiliate program. They supply all of the advertising materials and resources that their affiliates require to begin making huge returns.

  1. Designer Living 

Bombay, Natori, INK + IVY, and Madison Park are just a few of the top home goods brands carried by Designer Living. They already have 10,000 items for your budgets and lifestyles. To ensure that their clients get the finest deals, they offer a price match guarantee.

Their affiliate program is managed by Impact Radius. Designer Living offers one of the best benefits in the market to its affiliates. 

Affiliates get access to a wide variety of creative people, real-time reporting tools, and exclusive offers tailored to your target market.

Designer Living has over 10,000 home items, a match prices promise, and a high-interest amount are all reasons to promote Designer Living.

With an increase in the values of $120, affiliates can receive an additional 12% for every transaction.

  1. Blue Sky Environments Interior Decor

BSEID, or Blue Sky Environments Interior Decor, is a one-of-a-kind furniture website run by a mother and daughter team. They are a complete interior decor market that sells anything from decor to furniture to gifts. They provide exceptional customer service as well as complimentary design suggestions.

Affiliates have access to a diverse group of creative individuals, as well as real-time analysis tools plus special offers suited to your target audience.

Designer Living has over 10,000 household items, a price match guarantee, and a high-interest rate, which are all reasons to encourage them.

Affiliates can earn an extra 12% on each transaction if the transaction price rises to $120.


  1. Belle & Jane

Belle & June is a famous online home furnishings store. Over 7,000 home decor accessories from the world’s finest designers and craftsmen are available in their portfolios. 

For their expertly chosen items, they’ve been featured on HGTV, the Wall Street Journal, and The Huffington Post.

Their standard order is between $250 and $500. Affiliates can join Belle & June by looking for them in Pepperjam’s Discover New Affiliates section. Every month, they introduce new products and suppliers, ensuring that there are always new collections and products to market.

Belle & June have a home decor for both the world’s finest designers, significant average transaction quantities, and promotional offers added monthly.

Several of their items are exclusively available on their website, which might assist their affiliates in promoting their diverse product offering.

  1. Apt2B Furniture and Home Decor

Apt2B Furniture and Home Decor is an interior decor, housewares, and furniture firm that sells its products online. 

They sell furniture and home decor that is exciting, stylish, and economical and is tailored to modern, urban living. has been named one of the most promising new names in the home furnishings sector.

Apt2B Furniture and Home Decor keep their associates are updated with regular mailings, daily data feeds, updated visual artists, and special promotional codes. Their affiliate managers are ready at all times to assist their affiliates in achieving success.

Apt2B Furniture and Home Decor is a new home furnishings brand with modern, fresh creatives, and special offers.

Their tier reward payout has no cap on high-ticket items or transactions, which indicates their affiliates can earn more money.

  1. Pier 1 Import

Pier 1 Imports is the world’s first supplier of ornamental gifts and household goods from throughout the world. Their creations are a reflection of the different cultures of the nations they visit. They have goods that are decorative, functional, and quirky for everyone.

FlexOffers and Viglink are two options for affiliate program submissions. Pier 1 Imports provides all of the advertising materials and tools that affiliates require to get going. 

Their affiliate leadership team is eager to assist you by answering all of your queries and making recommendations.


These affiliate networks are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of their potential. There’s a lot more to discover once you step in. So, what are you waiting for?



Top 8 Metaphysical Affiliate Programs For 2022

Metaphysical affiliate networks are popular since the metaphysical area is relatively vast. Do you require proof? Take a peek at some of the YouTube metaphysical channels.

You can find them by searching for terms like tarot card reading, the principle of attraction, reiki treatment, and so on.

Thousands of people subscribe to many of these philosophical channels. As a result, you can be confident that working as an affiliate marketer in the metaphysical sector will pay off.

Seven metaphysics affiliate programs are listed below for you to advertise as an affiliate. I’ll even tell you about my favorite way to get an affiliate program.

  1. Sage

Dr Athena Perrakis founded Sage Goddess in 2011. The business has an online store as well as a physical location.

Stones, gems, crystals, tarot cards, sage, interior design, and other items are available. Also, there are online tarot and spiritual leadership classes accessible.

The affiliate program seems to be run by the company itself. Commissions are paid via PayPal. On innovations and service membership sales and sales made by advisors beneath you, the compensation rate is 7% and 3%, respectively.

The only disadvantage, in my view, is the 24-hour cookie duration limit. On the other hand, Sage Goddess has a beautiful selection of products and is a well-known metaphysical business.

  1. Sounds True

Tami Simon established Sounds True in 1985. It sounds True’s mission is to transmit spiritual wisdom.

The firm has built the world’s most incredible living library of transformative instruction. The spiritual journey, wellness & healing, partnerships, and meditation are just a few topics covered in the products.

Audio and video versions of these courses are offered. They also have a book section.

The affiliate program pays a 35 percent fee on affiliate referrals and a 10% commission on sales. There is wonderful 90-day cookie duration.

This is yet another well-known firm that offers high-quality products from well-known experienced meditators.


  1. Live and Dare

Live and Dare is the world’s fifth most favorite mindfulness blog. Giovanni Dienstmann, a renowned author, meditation instructor, speaker, and coach, started the organization.

Meditation workshops and individual coaching by Giovanni are among the items on sale.

There is a 40% fee on all programs and a 10% commission on tutoring. Payments of commissions are paid 45 days after purchasing, and there is no minimum requirement.

Because after the 30-day money-back guarantee has expired, payments are paid via PayPal in the first week of each month.

Inside the metaphysical niche, meditation is an excellent sub-niche to pursue. Live and Dare is a well-known website with strong conversions and low bounce rates.

  1. Hay House

Louise Hay established Hay House in 1984 to release her first two books, Heal Your Body and You Can Heal Your Life.

Hay House now offers a wide range of products, including books, CDs, DVDs, calendars, and card sets. Wayne Dyer, Jerry and Esther Hicks, Iyanla Vanzant, Marianne Williamson, and others are among the authors whose books are published by the company.

RevShare manages the affiliate program, which pays up to 50% profits with a 30-day cookie period.

You can’t go wrong by marketing any of Hay House‘s products. They’ve been there for decades, and Louise Hay, the founder of the company, is very well known and regarded as a metaphysical hero.

  1. Manifestation Miracle

Heather Mathews is the author of Manifestation Miracle, a Law of Attraction-based training program.

Both digital and physical versions of the program are available. On the Clickbank affiliate marketplace it is one of the most popular digital programs.

In comparison to other affiliate programs, the affiliate program gives one of the highest commissions, at 75% on both front-end and back-end transactions. Affiliates will also benefit from a 35 percent recurring commission.

It could be a high-converting offering for you if you want to be in the Law of Attraction niche.

  1. The Mindfulness Summit

Melli O’Brien and Matt Dickenson launched the Mindfulness Summit. The summit is a non-profit initiative with the goal of bringing mindfulness into the public.

All earnings are donated to meditation charities in their entirety. Users can sign up for a free account and obtain access to a meditation mini-series as well as tutorials.

Their affiliate program appears to be managed in-house. On all paid summit access passes, they give a 50% commission.

  1. Dharma Crafts

Dyan Eagles created Dharma Crafts in 1979. Cushions and benches, jewellry and presents, home decor, yoga mats, incense, and other meditation supplies are available from the company.

There is a large range of meditation-related products available. This is an excellent firm to promote if you choose the meditation niche.

  1. Physic Tree

The Physic Tree offers a wide range of health and wellness products, as well as spiritual and divination items, including sticks and cones, books, cards, candles, candleholders, singing bowls, spirit boards, ornaments, and a slew of other items that I could go on and on about.

They distribute things in the United Kingdom, and if you live in the UK, it’s a terrific program to join in this niche. All eligible sales are subject to a 4% commission.

The network’s cookie lasts seven days, and as an associate, you may feel safe marketing their goods because you’ll be endorsing a reputable brand/merchant.


Metaphysical practices are a much bigger topic that does not only pertain to religious matters. The niche provides a chance for affiliate marketers to explore it since it is becoming more popular with each passing day.